Serum Supports Permissioned Markets Institutional Adoption of DeFi Accelerating

By October 10, 2021DeFi
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Serum, as a core liquidity infrastructure layer on Solana, continues to undergo upgrades to the DEX and order book architecture to meet developers’ changing needs and user demand. In this spirit, what has Serum been up to in 3Q of 2021?

Launch of Serum Core, a new Serum primitive, by Bonfida – an asset agnostic orderbook! Serum Core is a pure matching engine that can be used to match any financial assets regardless of whether they can be tokenized or not.

Developers can use normal accounts to store state instead of SPL tokens. Serum Core provides matching as a service and other smart contracts can subscribe to it by sending transactions and consuming its events.

Serum supports Permissioned Markets, which enable market listers to add granular control over fee parameters and accessibility via an “open orders authority”. This also paves the way for institution adoption, which is critical for driving massive liquidity for DeFi.

Solrise Finance and Civic Key s one significant and recent partnership utilizing Serum’s Permissioned Markets to kick-start institutional adoption of DeFi.

Thus, Exciting changes to look forward to include voting rights on a number of significant issues, including: -Protocol features -Grants -Fee structure and other parameters of the DEX.

For clarity in the past it was expressed: The next step of Serum’s decentralized governance is all set to start off. This is an important step for Serum to make it more inclusive, transparent, and permissionless. But first, what is a DAO and why is it important for Serum?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is a set of tools that allows a community to self- organize and pursue common goals.

Serum is preparing to meet the demands of a bigger and more diverse group of users. Decentralized governance is an important step that will create a framework for the community to have their say.

An important piece of this process is verifying that governance proposals do what they say they will do. You may have noticed the verifiable builds work done recently with Anchor. All code has not only been public, but also verifiable for a while.

As Serum evolves into a DAO, part of the decentralization process entails adjustments to how incentives work. There will be important changes that will make decentralised governance possible for Serum.

Exciting changes to look forward to include voting rights on a number of significant issues, including: Features you want to see in the protocol. Grants to be collectively voted on -Fee structure and other parameters of the DEX

A larger DAO announcement is coming soon.

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