Realistic XRP Price Prediction! How Much Can You Make If Ripple Beats SEC?

By October 12, 2021DeFi
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Today we are going to be talking about Ripple and XRP, specifically what it does? How high can it go? And how much you can make if it goes on another bull run?

Ripple & XRP

Just for some clarifications because I’m sure I’ll interchange these two, but Ripple is the company, and XRP is the crypto coin that Ripple owns.

Ripple owns pretty much more than 50 per cent of the Ripple coin. So that is just to distinguish between Ripple and XRP.

What Ripple is doing

Ripple does a lot of things. But the main thing that it does is that it is creating a new way of transferring money around the world.

The current method of transferring money across countries uses something called swift. However, it takes around three to five business days, and it has a high transaction fee.

With Ripple and XRP, people can send this money within three or five seconds. And it has virtually no transaction fee.

It’s like comparing the old dial-up internet in the 1990s with the 4g that we have now. There’s pretty much no comparison.

Remember how hard it was to watch porn back then, and you had to download it at night and then wake up before your parents and then turn it off just so your parents don’t catch you.

Well, that’s what I heard anyways from other people doing it. But anyway, I’m back on track.

How big is this market for transferring money from one country to another? Well, the swift currently transfers around five trillion dollars a day. And that is 1.25 quadrillion dollars a year.

The entire market of transferring money from one country to another is over two quadrillion dollars a year.

So if Ripple can get even a fraction of that market with their better payment system and lower fees, then that would be a big amount of profit for Ripple.

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Currently, Ripple is locked in a battle with the sec on whether XRP the token should be considered a currency or a security.

If it were labelled as a security, it would have many more regulations, which would not be good for the XRP token.

However, if it were labelled as a currency, it would have a lot more leeway, which would be good for the coins.

So if all goes well, how high can XRP realistically go up to? Well, some people say 20 dollars and other people it could hit to 30 dollars by the end of this year. But those are all based on opinions and hype with no real evidence to back it up.

Could it happen? Yes maybe. İt could happen.

Will it happen? Probably, probably, probably almost definitely not. For me, a good way to see how high XRP can really go is to compare it to ethereum.

There are both coins with practical uses, and in the 2017 crypto market run, they were also compared against each other.

Because during that time, XRP actually overtook ethereum to be the number two crypto in the world after bitcoin.

So for me, and since XRP missed the crypto bull market this time because of the sec lawsuit, I think that after the lawsuit is settled, it can have another good bull market run, assuming that the crypto market doesn’t crash.

So with that, let’s see how high XRP can really go if the sec lawsuit is settled. If we go to Coinmarketcap, we can see that the price of ethereum is currently at 3 469 dollars.

Its market cap is 400 billion dollars as of now. But at its highest point in around may it hit over four thousand dollars.

So let’s see how much you can really make if XRP goes on a bull run. So if we go to my spreadsheet, we can see that if you invest 5 000 coins at a price of the current price of 1.07 cents per coin, you will invest a total of 5350 usd.

This price increase just shows you how much you would make if it increases at twenty per cent intervals.

I’m not saying that this will increase twenty per cent every year. This is for something else but let’s say that it is increasing at 30 intervals at 1.60, you would have 5 800 and so on and so on.

If we compare it to ethereum at its highest point, Ethereum was a little bit over four thousand dollars. And that means its market cap was around 470-ish billion dollars.

If XRP is going to be compared to ethereum and it can be because the financial market is very, very big. That means that XRP should be around 480 to 500 billion dollar market cap.

So if we go here to XRP’s market cap, we can see that at a 481 billion dollar market cap, XRP’s price would be around 10 dollars.

My real estate estimate for XRP will be around 10 to 12 dollars if it goes on a bull run that we just had.

Unless ethereum has another bull market run in the next six to 12 months, then it could change, but for now, it’ll probably be around 10-ish in dollars, which is a lot because now it’s only around 1.07 dollars.

From 1 dollar to 10 dollars, that’s over a 10x return which is crazy. And also because XRP is not a shit coin. It is a very good usable coin.

It’s to put a few thousand, four, five thousand dollars into XRP because it has a very high potential.

Now let’s say that in six months or a year and the sec lawsuit is over, and XRP is currently at, let’s say, the conservative five dollars.

Very very conservative. İf it’s five dollars, then you would have a total investment of twenty-five thousand dollars.

Even though if you buy now you only pay around five thousand dollars. İf it increases by 20 per year. So it would go five six seven.

This is how much you would have every year. So you would make five thousand every year additional five-plus thousand every year.

By year 14, you would have three hundred thousand dollars. The market cap would be over three point five trillion dollars which it’s possible. No one really knows. I think it’s possible considering like inflation.

Money so 14 years a 3.5 trillion dollar valuation very very possible.

So let’s say that you want to add more XRP to your portfolio. So what you do is that you will go here yearly coin edition and let’s say that you add another thousand a year.

So in ten years time, you may hit to over 400 thousand dollars easily.

It has the option of adding a billion coins to the market every month. It has been going on for the past 44 months, but obviously, they haven’t added 44 billion coins in the last 44 months.

They’ve only added around the average the average was around 170 million coins per month which is a lot.

It’s over 100 million dollars per month which is a lot of money. But that is what you can expect moving on the supply of XRP is going to be increasing.

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