Is Fearless Wallet down?

By October 13, 2021Polkadot
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It is not broken. Just relative to an update. From their twitter feed yesterday

Dear users, due to the @Polkadot and the @kusamanetwork Release v0.9.11 programmed for the 12 & 13 Oct, there will be some issues with Fearless Wallet app use.

A hotfix is under development and we will keep you up-to-date on the progress

Hi all,

A while back I made a post about making a JS module that programmatically selects validators so you don't have to. Selecting validators is a confusing and often error prone task but it shouldn't be so.

The need to select validators wisely has become all the more clear after the recent Zug capital outage, with many people selecting validators run by a single entity.

I hope that this module or one like it can be integrated directly into wallets/dapps so that the typical user can simply stake and not have to think too much about the validators they are choosing. It is likely that a program like this will make a better choice of validators than the user selecting them on their own.

Try it out for yourself: (please mind the slow speeds)

If you like this initiative and have the ability to vote on tips, please vote in favour here:

Feedback and suggestions welcome, thank you!

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How did everyone do? My distribution ended up being:

KMA: 53%

BSX: 27%

KINT: 16%

ALT: 4%

What are your round 2 post crowdloan predictions? I think KILT will do well, but their parachain rewards will end up being the lowest of both rounds. I think KINT will end up with the best rewards of this round. I think BSX will have an innovative token, but wont be reflective in the price.

An additional 10% of Picasso’s native token (PICA) supply will be allocated to contributors, on top of the rewards we have announced so far.

Should we not secure the 10th or 11th slot, resulting in an additional crowdloan in the next slot auctions, 5% will be given to contributors who previously staked in our prior crowdloan, and restake the same amount. Additionally, 5% will be distributed to stakers who contribute to the crowdloan after it has reached 100,000 KSM. These bonus rewards would be distributed during the next round of parachain auctions.

Help Needed!

I am trying to connect my Ledger with the polkadot.js interface for Kusama. But any transaction that requires me to sign, pops us an error message "Txn version not supported".

The UI catches the public account correctly and "show address on hardware device" also works perfectly. This was working perfectly until last month, when I had last done some operations.

PS: I am using Brave browser v1.30 (chromium 94) - latest version; Ledger Live and Kusama app are the latest version. I have tried the transactions with Ledger Live closed; I have tried them with the polkadot extension disabled.


Im pretty new to KSM and crypto in general, and staking it was not a piece of cake. I think I did it correctly, as I can see I've some KSM staked in my stash overview, and an active nominator (RYABINA/41).
I also have some mKSM appearing under the payout tab, so it must be good, right?

Also, when these reward will be paid? Regularly or after the number of days in the "remaining" column? Is that automatic or do I need to click on the payout button?

Thanks :)

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