SolidProof Integrates the Placeholder for Its Auto-Audit Tool

By October 13, 2021DeFi
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SolidProof is delighted to announce that it has now integrated the placeholder for its beta auto tool. The move will help the platform as it ramps up efforts to bolster its automated audit solution and instil increased trust in DeFi projects.

The auto tool is a massive milestone for SolidProof as it seeks to be a leader in blockchain security solutions. The tool allows SolidProof auditors to bring efficiency to smart contract audits and deliver timely reports.

SolidProof’s auto tool looks for vulnerabilities in a project’s smart contract and tax systems. It then gives the dev team a comprehensive and transparent audit report with recommendations on what should be changed.

The automated analysis is way faster than manual testing and can guarantee results that are free from human error. Moreover, automating an audit makes it possible to analyze complex code that would take days to look at manually.

The introduction of automatic audit processes allows the SolidProof team to stress-test smart contracts under varying transaction scenarios to uncover bugs and system inefficiencies. These enhanced testing techniques enable audit teams to locate hard-to-find vulnerabilities such as timestamp dependencies and DoS attacks.

The auto tool, which is currently in beta, will be the centre of all the audit-related services on SolidProof. The unique feature is designed to improve the speed, efficiency, reliability and convenience of DeFi projects. It will enable the audit company to provide clients with custom, affordable audit and KYC solutions.

Unicrypt Set To Benefit from the SolidProof Auto Tool

SolidProof’s easy-to-use auto tool has brought reliable and comprehensive audit reports to numerous platforms and launchpads. Unicrypt, a BSC-based decentralized launchpad for upcoming DeFi projects, was among the first platforms to launch the auto tool on its website.

The leading Defi launchpad, already a strategic partner of SolidProof, will benefit from the precise audit reports generated by the auto tool. More accurate reports will, in turn, boost trust among project backers and entice them to host a presale on Unicrypt.

The placeholder for the auto audit tool makes it possible for Unicrypt to embed the service on their website. Developers on Unicrypt can then easily view the tool and fulfil their audit obligations before listing their project for a presale.

The auto tool will thus enable Unicrypt to attract more users and continue expanding the reach of its suite of decentralized services.

SolidProof is Making Huge Strides in Securing DeFi

Since it launched in mid-2021, SolidProof has grown from strength to strength and has completed numerous audits for DeFi projects, large and small. The audit business has also forged multiple strategic partnerships to help it achieve its ambitions of becoming the go-to platform for DeFi audits and KYC procedures.

The German-based firm’s last three projects were heavy Initial Liquidity Offerings (ILOs) for vEmpire, coinxpad, Bnb cash. SolidProof’s work on these latest projects proves that the firm can handle complex code and deliver timely, thorough audits that any DeFi user can trust.

SolidProof is expanding its business as more DeFi market participants choose trust made in Germany to guarantee the safety of their smart contracts. The platform team is currently developing a revamped company website with an enhanced user interface.

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