Why did Polkadot become more than 4 times more valuable than Cosmos if both started around the same time and both are working on blockchain interoperability?

By October 17, 2021Polkadot
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I know this sub isn't about trading ATOM, but I'm just curious why this happened if both are competitors and both started around the same time. What is it about Polkadot that caused more people to gravitate towards it?

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Edit to original post-

Confirmation bias was not what I was going for with my original post. I truly wanted to hash out the discussion about their tech and application between both projects with my peers.

Admittedly I could have worded the initial post better so people would understand that. The way I presented the initial post definitely looks like confirmation bias…

I just honestly don’t see how people praise DOT so much more when it comes to being a inoperable project for blockchain tech.

I guess it’s not really comparing apples to apples between the two… COSMOS offers mass interoperability vs DOTs selective limited interoperability ( although they could always bridge everything after 100 )

I think that’s what I took away from the discussion… they really are not aiming to do the same thing for the crypto space.

Alright, not sure if this is the place to be asking, but I have a question about the pSTAKE Stake Drop to ATOM holders. I've been aware of this stake drop for a while, and I did all the necessary requirements to become eligible. I can even check on the website https://airdrop.pstake.finance/ and see that there's some tokens I'm eligible to claim.

Now here's the question.... How do I claim the darn tokens? There's really no information that I could find about how to claim them in my wallet. Are they already in my wallet, but I just need to get the contract address and add to my Metamask?

Just overall, kinda confused. Also I took a look at their "liquid staking" platform. Pretty crazy technical stuff going on. There's two different derivative ATOM tokens on the platform - wrapped ATOM and then staked ATOM. I really don't understand what's going on, and I couldn't quite figure out where the PSTAKE token comes into play. Maybe I'm just a dum dum though...

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