Junkie Catz Launch NFTS Launching on Polygon October 27 7PM UTC

By October 24, 2021NFT
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Rosedale, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 23, 2021) - Today it has been announced that Junkie Catz, a unique Polygon-based NFT and passive income project, is set to launch on Oct 27th at 7 PM UTC.

Junkie Catz is a culmination of work from a collective of NFT enthusiasts that utilizes eye-catching and imaginative designs to tell the story of a group of "junkie cats" who have fallen on particularly hard times.

The Beginning of The Junkie Catz Parable

The story behind Junkie Catz is a particularly troubling tale. A group of well-loved and groomed neighborhood cats that had everything going for them, loving families, unlimited food, and the best places to sleep. That is until one day, things took a turn for the worst.

They were picked up in the wrong neighborhood by the infamous cat catcher.

The Birth of Junkie Catz

Locked away with apparently no one coming to collect them, things only got worse for the cats. Prison life can be tough on anyone and these cats were woefully unprepared for what was in store for them. The food was nothing like home, their playtime was thin, regular grooming was non-existent and drugs became a regular occurrence. The group quickly adapted to the prison life and the friendly neighborhood cats were no more.

The Junkie Catz were born.

The Release of Junkie Catz

Junkie Catz is using a team of highly skilled industry marketers and influencers to spread the word about the group of Junkie Catz. Releasing this group of cats and getting them clean is the main goal. The bondsman needs to be paid, and selling these NFTs is how the team plans to release these junkies.

The Project Roadmap

Junkie Catz and the team behind the NFT project have some ambitious plans and goals, with their sights set on a big launch day that is currently yet to be determined.

The roadmap is set out into five stages based on the sale of the initial mint:

  • 10% Sold - Junkie Catz are released from jail and the Bondsman is paid his due.

  • 25% Sold - 5,000 $MATIC will be allocated to be distributed amongst holders of certain traits.

  • 50% Sold - Distribution of rare and limited editions Junkie Catz NFTs will be distributed to selected holders in the community.

  • 75% Sold - 10,000 $MATIC will be distributed amongst holders of certain traits.

  • 100% Sold - 15,000 $MATIC will be distributed to select holders depending if you hold the super rare Catz! there will only be a select amount of these available.

  • Once the initial mint is sold, Junkie Catz version two will commence and a new mint will come into play.

Passive Income from Junkie Catz

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