Republic Realm Is Here to Build the Future of Multi-Metaverse.

By October 27, 2021NFT
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Republic Realm and Bit.Country Announce Partnership ushering in a new metaverse generation and a wave of in-metaverse content creation.

The Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is proud to announce its official partnership with Republic Realm, leaders in the investment of metaverse ecosystems.

We are very excited about our collaboration as Republic Realm are among the largest owners of digital real estate NFTs in Decentraland, Sandbox, and Axie Infinity and the most active developers of in-metaverse content in Sandbox and Decentraland.

We look forward to seeing what they develop in their metaverse in Bit.Country.

“As one of the most active — but also among the most discerning — investors in metaverse real estate and platforms, we are excited to support Bit.Country’s vision for a user-created metaverse and intend to develop our own assets there as we have in other metaverses already, ” — quote from Janine Yorio, President of Republic Realm.

We are honored to play a part in one of the most significant social experiments in Web3. We believe that our partnership will create an incredible user experience that stays true to our vision of individualized user-created metaverses and games that will establish wealth distribution, decentralized governance, and ultimately make the world a better place for all.

The global trend towards a perpetual online presence has gained momentum in the last two years; more so than ever before, communities are coming together online to relax, get educated, work, and play.

Our partnership paves the way for a more inclusive, immersive, and engaging interaction and one in which all the players benefit equally from the exchange.

We believe this is a pivotal moment in our trajectory.

“I am excited to see the biggest metaverse developer is coming in to add value to the network and across metaverses.
We need strong builders like Republic Realm to add value to the entire ecosystem.
So your land will be more valueable as they are also here to build and attract users.
For large community owners, welcome to talk to us and we will co-develop a new web3 native realm. email:” — Quote from Ray, CEO & Co-Founder of Bit.Country Metaverse Network

About Republic Realm

Republic Realm is one of the most active investors and developers of metaverse NFTs in the world.

“If the metaverse is to be a virtual reflection of the real world… its demographics must reflect those of the real world as well. If they don’t, then it won’t be a genuine virtual world — it’ll just be another video game, albeit a particularly interactive one… It has to really work for a broader swath of the population”
— Janine Yorio, Digiday
August 2021

Formed in early 2021, today Republic Realm is among the largest owners of digital real estate in Axie Infinity, Decentraland, The Sandbox and Treeverse and among the most active developers of in-metaverse content in the Sandbox and Decentraland. Republic Realm is also the developer of the Metajuku shopping center and Fantasy Islands metaverse NFT project.

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About Bit.Country

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is an application framework and blockchain for user-created metaverses and games. Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse for their social groups using the 3D world, NFTs, play-to-earn & build communities to earn, and takes community engagement to a new decentralized dimension on Web3.0.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is disrupting the current creators’ value system built by web2.0, as traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time, only distributing a portion of the profits to the creators while members are only being entertained, but not rewarded.

Bit.Country Pioneer Network (Application & Blockchain for Kusama), the pioneering network is the sister and canary platform for Kusama. Just as Bit.Country will serve as the de-facto metaverse portal of Polkadot, Bit.Country Pioneer will serve as the metaverse portal of Kusama.

  • Our core founding team launched three other successful global startups in tech, education, and real estate since 2013.
  • Accepted participant of Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator (2021), Bootcamp (2021) at Creative Destructive Lab of Toronto University, and a Web3 Foundation Grant Winner. A member of the Substrate Builders Program.
  • On May 12th, 2021, Bit.Country completed the seed round capital raise of 4M USD from reputable venture capitals. Read more…
  • Our testnet has over 1600 node operators. Node operators are excited about energizing one of the biggest social experiments on web3.0.
  • On our early access waiting list, there are 60,000+ users eager to create their own metaverses for their people, and grow it into a valuable asset.
  • We designed our token distribution in a community-first approach.

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