Enjin Coin flies | Facebook paw and Polkadot auctions

By October 29, 2021Polkadot
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It has also been missing from our site for some time now – where we have always followed it, ever since $ ENJ it was not yet one cryptocurrency so popular. Today it regains the very first pages thanks to an excellent performance on the market, together with important news regarding its development.

Enjin is enjoyed, as has already happened to Decentraland, a success also triggered by the news coming from Facebook – which has brought up almost all the protocols that are related to the world of NFT And Multiverse. But he also put his part in it, since it could indeed participate at the next auctions of Polkadot.

Enjin Coin flies to the market - the analysis of Cryptocurrency

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Plans to participate in Polkadot’s Parachain auctions revealed on 4 November

The rods on parachain from Polkadot are one of the most important events for the cryptocurrency sector, with an expectation that is already significantly increasing the price of $ DOT, because it will make this protocol central to the interoperability of the crypto world – with several among other protocols that want to be among the first to ride this wave.

According to a hint which was popularized by Enjin on his official Twitter account, next November 4th the protocol will reveal the plans for Efinity about Polkadot auctions, in an event to be held at 18:00 Italian time.

It is not yet clear if, when and how the protocol will participate – but this is what has been circulating more and more insistently for some time now.

The announcement of Facebook from yesterday, with the change of the name of the company and the creation – in times still not clear – of a multiverse which will also support i NFT helped bring up all the protocols they deal with gaming and which also incorporate i non-fungible tokens. It was the case this morning of Decentraland – which was the network most affected by this growth, and it was also the case with Enjin, which in our parts, in Europe, is still known Very little as a protocol – but it actually has a lot to offer in this type of domain.

Enjin Coin was born precisely to support gaming item on blockchain, also allow the creation of marketplace and with the use of the technology of non-fungible tokens. Technologies that, with the entry of Facebook, will ideally also reach an audience traditionally far from the world of cryptocurrencies.

The perspectives on Enjin Coin remain, at least in our opinion, very positive for the medium and long term, with i target price $ ENJ that aim at price levels much higher than the current ones.

This is without taking into account the movement on the same sector as reality like Gamestop – which just a few days ago started the procedures for hiring specialists in the NFT world, for another platform dedicated to gaming and blockchain. An increasingly strong trend, in which $ ENJ it will be able to make its greater experience weigh, given that it was born well in advance of the competition.

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