The Sound from the Web3 Metaverse Machine in Polkadot Ecosystem

By October 30, 2021Polkadot
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Space-time seems to be infinite, and only the metaverse is beyond that. The Meta announcement has well-educated the public about the upcoming trend.

This emerging market is described as a blue ocean, and the metaverse is multi-dimensional and a deep void. Different narratives will become companions each exploring the great emptiness.

Today’s giants are playing an important role to break the current limitations of experience such as VR technologies, artificial intelligence, and mind-machine interfaces which are much needed to make the metaverse truly accessible and immersive.

We, Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network, are composing our story of a metaverse odyssey, that is from Pioneer to Continuum by token users, world governors, landowners and coders.

Ever since Bit.Country was registered on Jan 22nd, 2018 in San Francisco, our team had an idea to play a part in bringing the adoption of digital assets and conducting a new social experiment. With numerous modeling and remodeling, in Mar 2021, we officially incorporated.

Later on, we decided to use Metaverse.Network as the brand for its blockchain running beneath, producing public and immutable events. The separate brands are to serve consumer users and wider ecosystem projects respectively.

The blockchain-native projects are after decentralization & its unstoppable nature. However, it can be challenging to ensure user experience, especially in game modes where users need to see others and collaborate.

Thanks to Substate by Parity Tech and Polkadot, asset ownership and governance on the network are decentralized from inception, and to an even greater degree after the tokens are evenly distributed in the near future.

While a central server ensures user experience and interactions at a great scale, on the other hand, in order to achieve uninterrupted execution permanently, we’ve come up with a solution to maintain a reasonable user experience without the need of a central server.

This fully decentralized mode will allow users to view their assets and go into the world forever. Accessible from browsers, blockchain, and decentralized storage. This way their skies can still be seen in hundreds of years.

We are also building an open-source P2P system so that users would be able to perform almost all the tasks even when the centralized server is taken down so that the individual metaverse is truly perpetual.

Humble beginnings are what entrepreneurs have in common, the goals set at the beginning may vary, however, the common direction is to bring value to people. Only the narratives would differ to meet the desired interests.

Metaverse is far more about visual, power, economy, and A.I., we feel it needs to be everlasting across generations and carry on stories of individuals. We like to think only a fully users-owned approach would make our vision possible.

The nature of public legders allows anyone to collabrate, and the founding team is just a bootstraper to push the entire platform to a state where everyone can get involved.

Core Team.

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