Polkadot (DOT) rallies 15% as parachain proposal set to pass vote

By November 2, 2021Polkadot
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Polkadot has seen a 15% rally as a network upgrade proposal aimed at enabling parachain auction crowdloan funding for developers seems set to unanimously pass.

Passing through the Polkadot Council with a green light, the proposal would upgrade Polkadot network Runtime to v9122 and is now undertaking a final stage of approval by way of public referendum among DOT holders.

As it stands, the motion seems likely to pass, opening the door for DOT developers to register on the parachain and seek crowdloan funding at auction for their projects from November 4.

Currently the vote is unanimous 50 075.40 DOT voting ‘aye’ to the proposal.

Polkadot (DOT) parachain and crowdloan proposal
Polkadot (DOT) parachain and crowdloan proposal

The motion to enable parachain registration and crowdloans has passed Polkadot's council and gone to a public referendum. If passed, parachain teams will be able to register their parachain and open their crowdloan on Nov. 4, 2021 at approx. 19:15 CET. https://t.co/5ouDWBmnvc

Parachain auctions are held to decide which project will be next to connect to the Polkadot or Kasuma (KSM) blockchains. For a parachain project this is an expensive undertaking in competition with other high quality projects. But as parachains operate as independent substrate blockchains it is vital to connect for a project’s success.

To participate, a parachain must successfully bid the largest amount of DOT or KSM in an un-permissioned candle auction (inspired by 16th century ship traders) – with the auction ending at a random point in time (when the candle goes out) and the highest bidder at that moment winning.

Picasso – a cross-chain cross-layer interoperability platform just won the latest slot in Kusama’s parachain auction – raising almost $45 million dollars in KSM.

By enabling registration to the parachain, the doors will be opened for parachain projects to launch crowdloans in order to bootstrap their parachain auctions.

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