From where can I see my contributed Kusama in Polkadot.js?

By November 4, 2021Polkadot
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Hey all,

Kilt: Oct 5th : The crowdloan reserve will be distributed upon governance approval after KILT is decentralized, which is planned to occur mid-November to mid-December

Oct 28th: UPDATE: The runtime upgrade which adds KILT functionality to Spiritnet just went live. We are now in the phase of testing KILT functionalities. ***looks like they are on track for for Late Nov/Early Dec

Calamari- Oct 24th: Our runtime upgrades are ready to deploy, and we are bashing a few bugs here and there. Get ready for on-chain governance and token transfer enablement very soon!

Nov 2nd: Calamari Roadmap Update: On-chain Governance is now enabled! � on-chain governance runtime upgrade � next up: token transfer runtime upgrade � followed by: testnet release. *** this is very good news. looks like we may see token transfers this week or next

Basilisk: Oct 9th: Crowdloan participants will be able to start claiming the BSX rewards for their contributions shortly after the LBP event has concluded. ***Still no update on the LBS event date. they are hosting a AMA today, hopefully we get more clarity

Altair- Oct 28th: Thanks for your patience all! Still working on this. About to test internally with some community members and are on track to launch live early next week. Distribution of AIR to our community is important to us — we can't rush on the technical side ***looks like we will get tokens this week!

Heiko Finance- Oct 30th: Development is in progress for the scanner features, vesting client, claim modules, and runtime upgrades. Once we launch, we will begin distributing HKO to our community who supported us in the Heiko crowdloan. The vesting will begin and users can claim the tokens for usage on our platform***** no specific mentions of dates I could find**

Kintsugi- Nov 2nd: KINT tokens will be earlier than 2 batch of DOT auctions, in which Interlay plans to take part. ***2nd round of DOT auctions are December 23rd, so we will likely see tokens by mid December

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