Moonriver has exceeded 8 million transactions after the Polkadot Parachain auction

By November 14, 2021Polkadot
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Moonriver passed 6 8 million transactions after the Polkadot Parachain auction

Moonriver surpassed 8 million transactions after the Polkadot Parachain auction and reached a new milestone on its network this week as we read more about our latest crypto news today.

Moonriver, an ETH-compatible parachain running on the Kusama network, hit a new milestone this week, surpassing eight million transactions on its network. Moonriver, a test network for the Moonbeam protocol, reached a new milestone this week, reaching eight million transactions on the network and becoming a top parachain in Kusama.

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Moonriver has passed 7 8 million transactions after the Polkadot Parachain auction

The platform announced on November 10th that it had reached many millions of transactions and became the largest accepted parachain on the Kusama network. Moonriver is one of the best parachains on Kusama. Kusama is Polkadot’s sister network, which is up 15% to a new high according to parachain auction predictions, which will allow developers to sign up for parachains and seek crowdfunding.

The Canary Testnet is a small version of the original Moonbeam code that is used to test and implement new features for volunteer users. At the time of writing, Moonbeam ranks # 2 in the top 5 crowd loans in the Polkadot Parachain auction and has raised over $ 1 billion through crowdlending.

As recently reported, Parity Technologies, who created the network, announced a month ago that Parachains will be coming to the network soon. These are essentially full blockchains built into the Polkadot network for transaction validation and security. Polkadot aims to be a layerless protocol or chain of blockchains that make networks interoperable. A measure recently passed by the Polkadot Council means developers will be able to sign up for Parachains starting November 5th.NS but only confirmed the decision of the board. If you bid on auction zones and creating them means developers need DOT. Holders also use DOT as a governance token to vote on action, and they will also vote with DOT on the Polkadot brand.

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