Creating your Polkadot account using Polkadot.js extension

By November 20, 2021Polkadot
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In this guide, you will learn how to set up your account in 3 simple steps.

You can participate in the Efinity crowdloan through the following ways:

  1. Efinity Crowdloan Website;
  2. On the Polkadot page, Parallel Finance page; and
  3. Via Exchanges.

Step 1

Download the Polkadot.js extension to your browser. You can download the extension for Chrome or Firefox.

The polkadot.js extension allows you to manage your Polkadot accounts and provides signing capabilities to applications requesting access. The polkadot.js extension supports all major networks such as Polkadot, Kusama, and Substrate.

The polkadot.js extension is a secure option when connecting and using your Polkadot accounts, ensuring that your account secrets are stored in your storage.

You can also see additional versions of the extension here.

Step 2

After downloading the extension, you will need to accept the Terms & Conditions.

You will then be presented with the following screen:

From here, you will be able to create your first Polkadot account. You can create an account by clicking the + sign in the top-right corner. Or, click the + icon in the middle to get started. Ensure you don't click away from the screen/pop-up, or you will lose your account!

You will be presented with the following:

  • Your generated address is at the very top.
  • Your generated 12-word Mnemonic Seed (blurred out content).

Note down your seed phrase (aka, Mnemonic Seed) on a piece of paper somewhere safe. Once ready, click the checkbox 'I have saved my mnemonic seed safely' and proceed to the next step.

NOTE: Your Mnemonic Seed Phrase must be written down, on paper, in a safe place. Do not share your seed phrase with anyone and never store your seed phrase online, on any connected device!

Your Seed Phrase is crucial in accessing your account(s). You can read more about the importance of the seed phrase here.

On the 2nd screen, you will be presented with the following:

  1. Network: Ensure you choose the Polkadot Relay Chain option for your account.
  2. A Descriptive Name: Ensure you choose a descriptive and unique name for your account.
  3. A New Password: Ensure you select a password for your account.
  4. Your password should be strong, with at least 1 number/miscellaneous character.
  5. Repeat Password: Ensure you repeat your password correctly.
  6. Once done, click the button below to add your Polkadot account!

Step 3

Once you have successfully created your Polkadot account, you will see your newly created account presented like the following:

Your generated Polkadot address (see below your account name) is unique to you upon your account creation. Your address is needed to receive and send Polkadot (DOT).

When you create a wallet/address, you generate a key that grants you access to it. The wallet doesn't exist on the Polkadot chain until you add an Existential Deposit.

For Polkadot, you need at least 1 DOT in your wallet. Without it, your account doesn't exist on the Polkadot Network. It's important to add 1 DOT to your wallet in order to get your account activated. Ensure you are holding least 1 DOT in the account for the duration of the crowdloan.

For a video tutorial, you can also check out the following:

To get started on how to participate, check out our guides for participating via the Efinity Crowdloan page, Polkadot page or via exchanges.

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