DTrade will run in the Kusama chain, and its parent platform firefly will run in the Polkadot chain

By November 20, 2021Polkadot
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dTrade about Firefly( Click for details ) As its parent platform, I would like to express my warm welcome !dTrade Will become Kusama The first decentralized derivatives platform in the chain , and Firefly Will become its parent platform , And get ready for Polkadot Running on the chain .dTrade The core transaction contract was submitted for final security audit a few days ago , Its transaction function and practical token will be started soon after the audit is completed .

Firefly and dTrade To improve the running speed 、 Develop and design order book style for scalability and transparency DEX, The two platforms share a common vision , That is, by putting CeFi And DeFi Connect the advantages of , Bring an open financial experience to millions of users .dTrade and Firefly Set up CeFi The delay of 、 Liquidity and low cost function advantages and disadvantages DeFi Transparency 、 The combination of composability and unlicensability , Become CEX Trusted alternatives .

according to Kusama and Polkadot Precedent ,dTrade Will become Firefly Canary deployment .dTrade Will be deployed at Moonriver On , from Kusama The relay chain provides support , and Firefly Will be deployed at Moonbeam On , And Polkadot The relay chain is connected . Canary's deployment will introduce new products and features , And will conduct limit tests . Besides ,DTX The token holder will manage dTrade,FFLY The holder will control Firefly, The community will promote the development of these two platforms .

Polkadot In chain Firefly

Firefly( Firefly concept ) Embodies the concept of tracking paths in the dark , It is a product with both beauty and high-end precision , This concept fits perfectly with the robustness of decentralized exchanges .dTrade It's based on Polkadot The Internet optimistic rollup in .( Learn more :firefly.exchange).Firefly Application and liquidity projects will be in Moonbeam Become Polkadot After the relay chain, it generates .

Kusama In chain dTrade

dTrade Decentralized derivatives trading is community led Kusama Deploy , Its technical capability is similar to that in the assumption Polkadot Internally deployed Firefly identical . However ,dTrade Will compare Firefly There is a faster evolutionary cycle , It means that token mining will accelerate , The parameters based on governance time will be upgraded faster .

dTrade The native DTX The economic model behind the token is carefully designed , Provide sustainable returns to traders , And for dTrade Build a strong network of stakeholders 、 Decentralized governance ecosystem .DTX Will flow directly back to traders , Improve Moonriver Decentralized governance of Chinese Canary trading .

About DTX The proposed distribution of tokens and the announcement of the distribution scheme will be announced within one week , Stay tuned !


Composed of token holders DAO Replace company managers below the market 、 Consumption structure and financial management have the right to decide , And can decide dTrade and Firefly The future of .

The election and voting of the improvement proposal is through the voting rights related to the tokens held . first , except DAO In addition to voting , Otherwise, the token cannot be transferred , The transferability of enabling tokens is expected to be one of the first proposals through on Chain Governance .DTX and FFLY Tokens do not require platform trading or increased liquidity .

Breakthrough limit

These two deployments are to fill the gap in the current digital asset market , Build a touchable 、 A fair and technologically superior trading platform .

We invite you to join the community and challenge the limits , Give Way DeFi Trading faster than ever before 、 Cheapness 、 Technically more powerful .

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