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Nobody cares about what an NFT is. They just want to circle jerk around all the moronic negative press they've gotten recently. If I owned an NFT and someone took a screenshot of it I wouldn't care, because I still own the actual NFT associated with the art. Yet morons like to think that taking a screenshot of an NFT is the end of NFTs. I can walk up to any random house and take a picture of it, but that doesn't mean I own it. Non Fungible Tokens have other applications than just art, but none of these people understand that, and just parrot that NFTs are useless in all circumstances.

EDIT: To everyone getting caught up on the house illustration, you're missing the entire point. The house illustration was just to point out that the photo doesn't signify ownership. Plus the fact that you're saying a photo is worthless because it doesn't have utility like the house is also missing the point, and just cherry picking a small detail in the example. If I take a photo of deez nuts can you suck on 'em? The photo example could work just the same as if I walked up the Mona Lisa and took a photo of it. My photo copy would be worthless/not worth much, but the actual Mona Lisa would still be priceless.

EDIT 2: I might turn this comment into an NFT.

EDIT 3: I did turn it into an NFT. It is listed on open sea for one ETH if you search for "Reddit Moment"

Youre comparing the actual thing to a flimsy rolled up copy.

At its base, what is an NFT? It's nothing more than data on a storage device. The thing is tho... you can copy data with 100% accuracy and nobody would know the difference.

So you paid for an NFT... but the artist still has the "original" on his hard drive. You just paid for a copy, by your standards. What if he moves that original render to another storage device? Is it still the original?? By data transfer standards.. nope. Its a copy. So, really... what is an original and what is its value when, at its core, its all 0s and 1s that are easily and quickly copied with no distinguishable difference??

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