Uniswap App (UNI) Arbitrum DeFi App and more

By November 21, 2021Ethereum
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The Uniswap Labs team is on a continuous journey to improve the Uniswap experience, and the community members are their best resource. They have always made it important that the Uniswap community play an active role in determining how the Protocol will be visually represented.

Uniswap has been successful over the years with users increasingly place enormous value in transparency, security, autonomy, and reliability. They are forever active with grassroots newsletters, office hours, public project discussions, scam avengers, governance bots, hackathons and more.

The Uniswap App is fully compatible with EIP-1559. Ever since the London fork at the beginning of August, over 43,577 ETH has been burned through transactions with the Uniswap Protocol.

Also, users will be able to transfer assets from Layer 1 Ethereum to Layer 2 Arbitrum through the Arbitrum Bridge. Deposits will arrive in your wallet within 5 minutes so you can start trading on the Uniswap protocol with low fees right away.

Arbitrum is the ideal scaling solution for many DeFi apps Arbitrum Rollup can scale any Ethereum contract. Arbitrum derives its security from Ethereum. Arbitrum transactions save users on gas costs and confirm instantly.

What is DeFi? In DeFi Education Fund’s own words: It’s a question that still stumps (or frightens) many in our govt, legacy financial institutions, and the general population. DeFi is a new form of financial infrastructure, natively digital + built on a blockchain, like Ethereum. DeFi exploded in the past year, evolving from niche apps to a true digital economy, w/ $100bn+ locked up across the ecosystem.

DeFi protocols work by encoding a financial action, like lending or borrowing, into a smart contract on a blockchain. The smart contract executes actions automatically when you interact with it online, instead of the slow manual processing required by banks.

By eliminating the need for a centralized intermediary like a bank, DeFi protocols can provide financial services that are instantaneous and efficient. Former Acting US Comptroller of Currency Brian Brooks US affectionately described DeFi systems as “self-driving banks.”

Blockchains are global + can be interacted w/ by *anyone* w/ an internet connection. DeFi platforms offer huge reach + their services are open to all, no matter where the protocols were developed & launched. This matters enormously to the 1.7bn+ ppl who are “unbanked.”

DeFi offers myriad advantages over the traditional banking system, from greater speed and flexibility, to exciting new kinds of financial innovation.

DeFi protocols can alter the relationship ppl have with the banking system. In some cases, DeFi will offer better versions of existing services to billions of current users. In others, billions who have no banking access will have a chance to build their financial futures.

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