4 Coins To 10K. One of These Coins Will 10X!

By November 22, 2021Polkadot
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There’s only a handful of months left in the bull run. After that, the chance to make massive gains is almost over, but there is still time to find some coins to have the potential to 5 10, or even 20x.


I think that the run for Luna is just getting started. A lot of things I’ve heard a lot of people talking things look very, very bullish for Luna over the next few months.

The downside could really potentially come back to maybe the support of around 45 dollars which doesn’t even sound like that much it’s around 10% to the downside.

But I overall think that that will just be a week or two. İn the short term, any sort of fluctuation to the downside if it does sell off more. Doesn’t really concern me.

Because the trajectory of the last three months, which is more important for where Luna will be going over the next three months, has been super bullish.

İf you look at the graph over the last year, you can see that it’s probably the best graph in crypto. İt came from like 30 cents all the way up to 50 dollars, which is over a 100 x for coin.

That’s ranked 13 and will probably be in the top 10 quite a way up there by the end of the year.

This run-up is because of the beautiful structure of the Luna ecosystem. Essentially a very simplistic view is that leads to more Luna being burned higher Luna price.

More hype around Luna because of the higher price. And that’s where you get this very positive feedback loop where Luna just is taking off to the moon essentially.

This is very important because we’re heading into what we think is going to be the most bullish part of the bull run.


Polkadot is another coin that’s been around 40 as well, but it’s got a very different story than Luna, at least over the next month, I think.

It’s got here around the hype around parachains. It’s been building up over the last few months quite significantly.

Essentially the price action was looking a little bit shaky. However, the catalyst of parachains was pretty close, and of course, we have seen in the past many times leading up to the actual catalyst.

You see a sell-off, so you see hype building in a month or two leading up to it like what happened with smart contracts or the merry hard fork for Cardano.

Then when the actual event comes, it tricks a lot of people, especially retail investors, because that’s when the sell-off occurs and the price actually decreases.

So that’s why you want to lock in profits nearer to the time of the actual release before it happens often.

We haven’t seen much of a sell-off for dot, and I think the reason the market is actually a good bit higher overall than it has been for the last week.

I do think that dot will at the very least slow down in the short term relative to other smart contract platforms like a harmony over the next couple of months, and then it’ll be in a similar period for a shorter period of time than Cardano.

Because, of course, parachains is almost like an ongoing hype machine around Polkadot. That’s also very strong for the fundamentals.


I am picking up some Enjin, and it absolutely had a massive run-up.

So İt feels weird to pick up more Enjin at 3 dollars, but I think there is a small chance that it could sell off, maybe back to, I don’t know, 2.85 usd, maybe 2.50 USD in the short term.

But I think we’ll do over the next couple of months we’ll more than make up for a couple of weeks of turbulence which it’s experiencing right now.

I’m still very confident that there’s a lot more to give. Just check axie how did it's run-up.

What I really like about Enjin is it gets the reward of being connected to crypto gaming and NFTs without the particular risk of not knowing whether a certain game is going to work.

The games I like to invest in are usually proven concepts that we already know work in the old world and, therefore, will be even better once NFTs and digital ownership are added into them.

At the same time, there’s a lot of upside to a coin like Enjin that as long as gaming and NFTs do well, Enjin will essentially do well. So you don’t have to pick out the specific game and get it.

There’s a lot more upside if you do that, but it’s a lot higher risk and a lot higher reward.


Cardano is now 1.80 and had a high of 236. İt’s still a ways away from its all-time high, which was achieved back here around 3.15 at its high, but this rally has caught many people off guard.

There’s a very binary view on Cardano. It’s very religious on both sides. But, on the other hand, people are often bullish on it. They’re always bullish on it.

They never change it’s going to pump every single day that they talk about it, or other people it has one sell-off, and all of a sudden it’s the devil it’s never going to pump again ADA is dead.

İ’ve consistently said there would be a big run-up to smart contracts when it was back at 30 cents in March.

Then, it would go to three to five dollars. So then we would have the sell-off for a period of time, maybe a couple of months like what we had back here. And then we would have another rally with the next catalyst, which of course, is defi launching on the network.

This recent run-up was because of the pab launched on the test net, the Plutus application back end, and that is, of course, an integral part of defi launching on the Cardano ecosystem.

And it will be launched on the main net in a couple of months which is when things will start to take off.

If the erc20 converter and some other back-end things that need to be in place so that users can actually interact with the projects on the network, .after that happens, Cardano is off. Off to the races and will have its next major run-up, in my opinion.

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