Barbados enters the metaverse

By November 23, 2021Metaverse
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Barbados has been in world's spotlight ahead of their move to becoming a republic (Picture: Getty Images)

BARBADOS HAS become the first country in the world to create a digital embassy in the metaverse.

The Caribbean island announced their deal with Decentraland, a crypto-powered digital world involved in the metaverse with 90,601 plots of “land” last week after

The landmark decision was approved by the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Dr Jerome Walcott in August with the virtual embassy due to officially open in January 2022.

The news comes after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the transition of the popular social media giant into the metaverse under the new name Meta, which has set the move into 3-D digital, sci-fi like technology in full swing.

“The government of Barbados is very pleased to announce the launch of its metaverse embassy initiative,” said Dr Walcott.

“This platform will be an important forum where Barbados will work with our traditional partners and new allies to deepen engagement in the diplomatic arena, and the investment, business, tourism and cultural sectors, and people-to-people interaction. Barbados looks forward to welcoming the world in its metaverse embassy.”

Dectraland shared the history making news on their social media page and confirmed that Barbados became the first sovereign nation with an embassy in the metaverse after striking the deal.

In January this year, Jamaica’s technology Minister, Daryl Vaz, urged for Caribbean islands to begin to embrace the digital space and that it that it meant the difference from them becoming sustainable and resilient, or risk falling behind other developed nations.

“If we can harness the tremendous potential of technology, then our economies would dramatically improve,” said Mr Vaz speaking at the virtual launch of the Tech Beach Retreat (TBR) Lab.

“Service to our people in areas such as education, healthcare, business and commerce would be efficient and seamless.

“This would make the Caribbean an even more appealing destination for investors and businesses.”

Several CARICOM countries at the time were noted to be undertaking several key digital initiatives leading up to 2024 to aid the digital transformation of the region.

The move to all things technology was even more important as islands across the Caribbean adjusted to life online with the onset of the pandemic.

Barbados now plans on establishing other virtual embassies with other metaverse providers, including Somnium Space and SuperWorld, CoinDesk is understood to make e-visas and teleportation possible for everyone.

It comes after weeks of praise for the idyllic island nation following Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s passionate speech about the plight of countries in the global south at this years COP26 summit and since publicly announcing her invite to Prince Charles to attend the inauguration of the country’s first president on November 30 as it removes the Queen as head of state.

The opening of the metaverse if set to spark a trend and inspire other nations to create their own virtual embassies and consulates in suit of Barbados.

Dr. Walcott said he hopes the new metaverse will help build and strengthen relationships with other governments across the world

In the statement, the ministry said that the government plans to continue their work with physical embassies, but that the metaverse embassy creates new opportunity to “pioneer the evolution of global diplomacy beyond the physical world”.

“Barbados is proud to lend our technological assistance and know-how to governments waiting to establish their own metaverse embassy,” he said.

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