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By November 23, 2021Metaverse
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Microsoft is continuing to go hard on the twentieth anniversary since the original Xbox launched. And why not, the Xbox has shaken up the previously Japanese-dominated console industry. It's given us Xbox Live and Achievements, rings of death, Bill Gates speaking to a roomful of Japanese game executives, and, perhaps most significantly, it has given us Halo. Many memories have now formed around Xbox consoles and Microsoft clearly wants you to remember them all.

Xbox owners can now wander a virtual space, an Xbox metaverse, that displays a museum of Xbox highlights. These include significant dates, such as when particular consoles launched, and mistakes, such as the infamous Red Ring of Death. In the Xbox museum, you can see the avatars of other Xbox owners, so it does kind of fulfill the idea of a metaverse.

However, Xbox owners might be more interested in the personal Xbox museum, which shows a list of individual highlights. These include players' most played game, their first game played on each console, their first achievement, their first rare achievement, the number of hours and games they've played...You get the picture.

Our editor-in-chief had a wander in her personal gallery and discovered that FIFA 10 was her most played game, and that she'd played a total of 346 games over all the Xbox generations. Somehow she'd accrued a Gamer Score of around 135,000. It also reminded her of how poor the Xbox 360 launch line-up was...

In the Xbox metaverse museum, there are a total of 132 moments of history to uncover, and you can spot others interacting with the digital exhibits which track the progress of the first Xbox, the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the latest Xbox Series X/S. The 20-year timeline is stuffed with moments and many of them have a story attached that includes a video showing the event.

Those on PC are also able to gain access to the museum by heading to this link.

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