Sony And AMC Are Handing Out 86,000 NFTs For Early Spider-Man Ticket-Buyers

By November 29, 2021NFT
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Non-fungible tokens are collectibles, in a sense, although they are purely digital, so you can never collect and display them on a desk like a Funko Pop vinyl figure. Alas, Funko also got into NFTs when they began selling digital tokens alongside their usual figures this summer. Meanwhile, many games publishers have also announced their interest in NFTs, with the combination of hyped blockchain technology, and of course the temptation of more business dollars, meaning many creative companies have started looking into the environmentally unfriendly digital tokens.

AMC theatres in the United States, the largest movie theater chain in the world, began accepting cryptocurrencies this month for online purchases, with customers able to buy movie tickets using digital coins such as Bitcoin, but also Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Now, in a another show of the company's enthusiasm for all things crypto, the cinema chain has partnered up with Sony to give away NFTs.

For the release of Spider-Man: No way Home, AMC and Sony Pictures are planning to hand out 86,000 NFTs with ticket pre-orders. Those who buy or reserve tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home showings on December 16, and who are also members of Stubs Premiere, A-List, and Investor Connect will be able to receive the tokens. Per Engadget, these tickets will have to be redeemed using a code through a special website in order to get one of the 100 designs that are available. The pre-orders for these tickets have already launched on AMC Theatres' website.

It's an interesting experiment, that's for sure, as AMC boss Adam Aron has said in the past that shareholders and filmgoers were "calling" for the digital tokens, but it remains to be seen whether this promotion will translate to a big bump in ticket sales. Meanwhile, some big video games bosses have expressed their scepticism towards NFTs, with head of Xbox Phil Spencer considering them to be exploitative. However, large games publishers such as Square Enix, Ubisoft, and EA have all revealed their intentions to incorporate non-fungible tokens into their games. EA event went so far as to consider them the future of the video game industry. The cinema industry, it seems, is taking a view not dissimilar.

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