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Know more about staking SHIB & BNB and Hazecrypto report

Because of its Proof-of-stake Authority (PoSA), consensus may be used as a high-speed infrastructure, beneficial for DeFi applications. As a result, it is ideal for widespread adoption. Moreover, BEP-20 tokens provide borderless DeFi prospects because once a token is released on the Binance Smart Chain, it may be readily transferred between several blockchain. It also contributes to the simplification of interoperability across the whole ecosystem.


With deposits in SHIBAFACTOR.COM, the users can expect to earn reliable daily returns ranging from 7% to 16% daily. The smart contract allows users to start with as little as 1000 SHIB & 0.01 BNB to get their profits up.




  • HazeCrypto audit found no vulnerabilities, backdoors or any scam scripts on the project below:
  • SHIBA/BNB ROI Project
  • 1,000 SHIBA / 0.01BNB Minimum investment
  • 7 to 30 with 112‰ – 210% ROI

Contract Link:

  • Shiba –
  • BNB –\
  • Telegram:
  • Launch Date: 27 November 2021

For full Audit Report and project details:

Customer Satisfaction:

The SHIBAFACTOR team is available on Telegram to provide service to all customers round the clock. Whether it’s a question or a complaint, they ensure it’s addressed as soon as possible.


With revolutionary growth since its launch, SHIBAFACTOR is on a mission to become one of the most profitable yields farming Dapps on the BSC. The users can expect a return of 112% to 210% on their money within the deposit period of 7, 15 and 30 days.

7 Days Plan : Daily 16% , 112% Yields ,12% Profit , 100% Principal

15 Days Plan : Daily 9% , 135% Yields ,35% Profit , 100% Principal

30 days Plan : Daily 7% , 210% Yields , 110% Profits , 100% Principal

Make Profits with SHIBAFACTOR:

  • Visit and familiarize yourself with the UI.
  • Select your choice pool , SHIBA POOL or BNB POOL
  • Select the deposit period that you want to use for your investment. Enter the amount you’d want to deposit, select ENABLE.’
  • Following your investment, you’ll be presented with a referral link to share with others. Please forward this to your friends. You will get a percentage of the money they deposit in the smart contract.

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