Introducing D-NFTs: ‘Glitchy B*tches’ are the first dynamic NFTs that change on request

By November 30, 2021NFT
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Dynamic NFTs (D-NFTs) represent a technical and artistic innovation for PFP Projects: Portraits that evolve over time.

BOSTON (PRWEB) November 30, 2021

G Bae, a design professor at Harvard University who recently joined Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), announced today the launch of her NFT art collection: Glitchy B*tches. After 9 months of painting and Solidity development, G Bae and her team are proud to release this dynamic NFT collection of 10,101 stunningly painted female portraits. In a first for NFTs, these portraits can visually change upon request - occasionally in unpredictable ways. The collection is now available at

The Solidity technology necessary to enable these morphing muses took G Bae's team six months to develop until they met Solidity artists Divergence and Harri, while hiking the Camino de Santiago this summer, and began working together. While enabling the original artistic vision, the team invented the blockchain obfuscation technology that imbues these NFTs with an element of surprise over time. This design is intended to grow a long-term community, and inspire future projects.

"The Glitchy B*tches are not like most PFP projects - that's what excites our team the most," says G Bae. "Like us humans, the GBs are complex characters. Over time, as your relationship with your portrait develops, your GB will reveal new sides to her personality. The NFT holder can ask her to change but, depending on their GB's mood, she may not respond quite as expected."

Each Glitchy B*tch is encoded with a BQ - b*tchiness quotient. BQ is in the metadata and influences how she reacts when you request changes - all on chain. You are going to want max b*tchiness in this world. In a first for NFTs, each GB NFT emits "Glitter" inside her "Metapurse". If the NFT holder wishes to reveal a new image (and its associated metadata), she requests a change that costs a 'Glitter Bomb' (30 Glitter credits). She can also opt to change back to an already-revealed version at any point for 10 Glitter credits. However, be warned—GBs can be feisty, and there is a chance that she might not cooperate!

There is intentionality in each phase of a GBs life span. Much like our own lives, each transformation point is unknown. This edgy project inculcates camaraderie in shared experiences which makes this a wise long-term hold. Beyond enhancing NFT utility, the GBs offer additional functionality; members help the female-led team steer a new kind of arts fellowship that supports high-end collaborations on mental health themes. This isn't just a piece of incredible art and some glitter. You are investing in a team that is creating a high profile space for art and education to help where words fail us. To uphold these values, GB will donate 25% of the primary sales to arts and mental health causes.

The origin of the GBs is itself an example of the themes the team plans to support. "There's a long history of people using art to help them deal with ‘what keeps them up at night'," said G Bae. She initially made the GBs as a way of working through old scars, drawing inspiration from her favorite artists who have done this, like Beyonce for the Lemonade album, Frida Kahlo in her portraits, and Hilma af Klint for The 10 Largest. "My specific story of pain is irrelevant. All of us will suffer hard times," she says. "But it is the silence and isolation in the aftermath of difficulty that feels unnecessary. I think art can help with that." The GB portraits reference themes of: glitches as human quirks, mental health, art, fashion, identity and the challenge of only being able to be one version of yourself at a time, and the challenge of developing your own sense of self despite others' tendency to try to choose your ‘best' version.

Join the official Glitchy B*tches Discord community to get regular updates on the upcoming drop, participate in the pre-sale, and hang out with like-minded enthusiasts. Community members can collaborate to vote on roadmap items like charitable donations, and will have the chance to enter giveaways featuring some of the rarest GB NFTs. Visit for the latest project developments.

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