Metaverse effect: Disneyland may soon offer Mickey, Donald and Goofy as your personal tour guides

By January 12, 2022Metaverse
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  • Disney will soon use personalised AR effects to entertain visitors in its theme park.
  • The effects will be personalised through constant tracking of the visitors across the park.
  • The technology will essentially bring a virtual, interactive presence in the real world, a reversed Metaverse.

As the tech conglomerate rushes to the metaverse, one thing is clear - the line between the real and the virtual world is bleaker than ever. Most want to cross that line over to the digital space, in order to create a virtual world where participants live a virtual life. Disney, however, is aiming to do just the opposite. It wants to bring these virtual life experiences to the physical world.

It only makes sense. Companies like Meta have nothing to show to you in the real world. Everything they do is related to the digital space. So, for obvious reasons, they would want you to stay in the digital space, on their platforms and services, for as long as possible.

Disney, on the other hand, has gigantic theme parks across the world where millions of visitors throng each year, or at least till before the pandemic began. It is thus, only natural that Disney would use the part of mixed reality that stays true to your physical space.

Case in point, a new patent by Disney has received approval recently. The patent talks of a "virtual world simulator in a real-world venue." Originally filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in July 2020, the newly approved patent will allow Disney to show you personalised 3D effects on your next visit to a Disney park.

The patent states that this real-world experience will be powered through augmented reality. This means that you will be able to see various Disney characters in the real world, but as true as they are straight out of their own cartoon world.

That's not all. The AR experience will be personalised for visitors, the patent confirms. For this, visitors will be tracked through their phones as they travel around the Disney theme park. Unique 3D effects will then be displayed on physical space, walls and other objects around them.

Note that such augmented reality attractions in theme parks won't be new. Disney as well as other theme parks like Universal Studios already use the technology to enthral their audience. Several rides within these parks also make use of this.

What will be new then, is the personalisation of these AR effects for each visitor. To think of it, the whole experience would be like an amalgamation of two worlds, one where you are walking in a park, and another of the Disney characters that can see you and interact with you.

The best part, you won't need to walk around stupidly with a giant headset attached to your head.

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