‘Galaxy Fight Club’ NFT Game: Release Date, Gameplay, How to Earn

By January 14, 2022NFT
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'Galaxy Fight Club' NFT Game: Release Date, Gameplay, How to Earn
Fighting games have lorded over the gaming world for the longest time. Now, the "Galaxy Fight Club" (GFC) is hoping to be the next title to claim dominance.

Fighting games have lorded over the gaming world for the longest time. Now, the "Galaxy Fight Club" (GFC) is hoping to be the next title to claim dominance.

With such blockbuster titles as "Mortal Kombat," "Call of Duty," "Tekken" or "World of Warcraft," gamers won't really let go of their favorite weapons, be it a sword or an AR-15, designed to waylay virtual enemies. Here, GFC would be a perfect fit.

'Galaxy Fight Club' NFT Game: Can It Dominate NFT Gaming Space in 2022?

This exhilaration normally experienced in conventional video games played in next-gen consoles or PCs extends to blockchain-based title, such as one exciting new player vs player (PvP) NFT game set to dominate in 2022, called "Galaxy Fight Club." Here, players use their avatars to battle for crypto spoils, Bitcoinist.com revealed in a report.

"Galaxy Fight Club" is said to be the first-ever, cross-IP, cross-platform (PC and mobile) PvP title that follows the tradition of hit fighting games of old while tapping the expanding niche of NFT games. To play GFC, players log in with their third-party NFT, such as CyberKongz or Bored Ape Yacht Club, or any native character NFT, then fight against other gamers to earn rewards and payouts.

GFC is similar in nature to Nintendo's hit crossover fighting title "Super Smash Bros.," wherein characters from within and beyond the platform's gaming universe exist and battle it out on the same domain. GFC follows the same principle but is even more ambitious, as it seeks to cull characters from multiple rival NFT platforms onto the same gaming environment.

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The game is interoperable out of the box, offering one platform for gamers of multiple isolated NFT projects to gather, interact, and yes, "kill" each other virtually. This has been the goal of the GFC project team-having all major avatar projects integrated into the game over time through joint ventures or partnerships. This is possible in the NFT world, unlike in the traditional gaming industry, because NFT rights normally belong to the individual owner, and not to the collection.

GFC has recently sold around $10 million worth of NFTs that formed part of its Genesis Collection, Benzinga noted, with about 10,127 fighters native to the game. The most valuable NFT in its collection is the mustachioed, club-wielding Centurion named Galaxy Fighter #5041, which is worth $33,200.

Players who want to get a first crack at the game need not have an NFT from the Genesis Collection or from a third-party. A default NFT fighter will be allocated for beginners--featuring base stats and a default, base-level weapon--upon sign-up. Once they level up, these players can gradually increase their character's strength when they buy or win clothes, armor or gain a powerful weapon.

Mechanics to Play 'Galaxy Fight Club'

To rule GFC, a player needs to emerge victorious in battles and earn keys necessary to unlock loot boxes and treasure chests that contain beneficial items, such as weapons. The type of key gained would depend on the avatar players control. If it's a free base character, they receive a silver key that is sold directly on the marketplace or used together with $GCOIN, the game's native token, to gain access to the loot boxes.

If the gamers own a Genesis NFT, 2nd generation fighter or Genesis Collection weapon, they get a gold key that grants access to tournaments that dangle richer prizes.

If a player leverages on a non-GFC character, keys to opening loot boxes with partner-specific tokens or rewards will be earned. These items can have additional utility beyond the game and can likewise be sold on for ETH.

Apart from the benefits from owning a Genesis Galaxy Fighter, players using these NFTs enjoy an additional spoil-each NFT automatically accumulates 5-15 $GCOIN per day.

While the main game mode centers around bloody 3-vs-3 matches that takes about five minutes, wherein a team that makes 20 kills wins, other modes are available such as the Classic Death Match and Battle Royale. Players can also concentrate on breeding or training second generation fighters by "burning" or removing weapons from circulation and paying a training fee in $GCOIN.

Second generation fighters can also gain golden keys, enter tournaments and gain access to an exclusive Discord channel. These keys can also be sold on the secondary market.

This competition among gaming and decentralized finance (GameFi) projects is brutal. As such it is so refreshing to see GFC restore harmony amidst the wars, by ironically taking each other down.

In essence, GFC seeks to encourage players with the potential of purchasing genesis fighters, training them, and re-selling these so-called "second-generation fighters" for a handsome profit.

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