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By January 14, 2022Ethereum
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New huge success for Ripple inside the lawsuit who sees it opposed to SEC, the authority that in the USE deals with supervise on the financial markets.

The lawyers of $ XRP have in fact obtained the publication of internal documents, in particular mail, which concern the relationship between the public body and Ethereum, in what will be one of the fundamental junctions of the process.

SEC vs Ripple - ongoing process analysis
Ripple scores a decisive goal in the trial against the SEC

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Ripple takes home a stunning win – here’s what changes for the process

From the quarrels between Ripple and Ethereum we have already had the opportunity to speak within the pages of This is not a frontal collision, but a functional issue recovery of an advantageous position within the process. The one who complains Ripple is a different treatment than Ethereum, with the latter giving SEC has always been regarded as a financial non-asset.

This was also publicly stated in one speech from William Hinman, whose ties to Ethereum would seem to be almost certain now, even when he was still at the top of SEC.

The judge Sarah Netburn, who chairs the legal proceedings, yesterday agreed to the lawyers of Ripple access to internal documentation that also pertains to that speech, which could be a problem for SEC, since the authority had always tried to defend its right to keep such documents confidential. No privileges granted to the federal authority, with an effect on the ongoing proceedings that could be disruptive.

The cause continues to deflate, although proceeding at a rather slow pace and without at least for the moment there is a certain date to arrive at judgment. A judgment which, however, we affirm without fear of denial, would now seem to be irremediably in favor of Ripple.

What does it mean for Ripple also in the future

It is definitely a great success for Ripple, since the group can go and sift through internal conversations that are not likely to be edifying for SEC and that could thus bring a severe blow to the theses of the prosecution.

In the medium and long term this is certainly excellent news, given that a positive turning point for Ripple it would mean a return to the main ones cryptocurrency exchange in United States, as well as the already mentioned possibility of going public.

SEC may retire according to some commentators, although it is more likely to try to come to judgment by playing it all out. What is certain is that we are facing an important step in the process, with Ripple which is undeniably an advantage.

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