Twitter introduces hexagonal profile pictures to show off NFTs; what they are and how to add

By January 23, 2022NFT
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Twitter introduces hexagonal profile pictures to show off NFTs; what they are and how to add

The craze for digital collectible assets is growing at a rapid pace. Celebrities, companies, artists and more are minting and selling their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Amid this craze, Twitter has announced a new feature for its subscription service users to showcase their owned NFTs. Subscribers to Twitter Blue can now set their display pictures as one of the NFTs that they own.

What’s an NFT?

NFTs are distinctive digital collectibles. NFTs can include various items like artwork, assets, pictures, songs and more. All of these collectables are then stored with proof of ownership that’s stored on a blockchain (a digital database that’s publicly accessible), which together comprises the NFT. Since an NFT is stored on the blockchain, information about its ownership and history is easily available through the blockchain ledger.

What exactly is an NFT profile picture?

Twitter users can show their NFTs to individuals through the social media platform. Twitter’s new feature will let you select the static image NFTs associated with their wallet which they can then display as a hexagonal profile picture.

Here’s how to set up an NFT as your Twitter profile picture

Users will first need to temporarily connect their Twitter accounts with their crypto wallets that contain the NFTs that they wish to use as their profile pictures. When the wallet is connected, Twitter will generate a verification request message to the given wallet address. Users will be asked to complete a signing request with their Twitter handle.

Users will then be able to select from the NFTs associated with their crypto wallet to add on Twitter as their profile picture. Users can also connect multiple wallets to choose from their collection of NFTs.

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