Announcing Inc42’s Fintech Summit – Decoding The Hottest Trends In India’s Fintech Economy

By May 11, 2022DeFi
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Announcing Fintech Summit 2022 By Inc42: India’s Largest Fintech Conference On Policy, DeFi & Trends

Join 1,000+ founders, leaders & financial institutions at Inc42's Fintech Summit to decode the hottest trends of the fastest-growing fintech economy

The Summit will feature a mix of keynotes, breakout sessions, fireside chats, panels by fintech experts, and hands-on masterclasses with 50+ speakers and 25+ sessions

Engage with startup founders, fintech experts and professionals to understand how India’s biggest startups are leveraging fintech products for business growth

The fintech sector within the startup ecosystem enjoys celebrity status. Consider this: By Q1 2022, India has over 4.8K fintech startups that raised $1.8 Bn in funding – only third to enterprisetech and ecommerce startups. It was one of the two top-funded sectors in 2021 and boasts 21 unicorns and 31 soonicorns.

According to a report by NewsVoir, India has the highest number of fintech adopters in the world at 87% compared to the global adoption of 64% owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns.

The real-time digital payments in the country also increased to 48.6 Bn in 2021 propelled by fintech applications and services capturing a large unbanked population under its net and prompting a mass transition.

Announcing Fintech Summit 2022 By Inc42: India’s Largest Fintech Conference On Policy, DeFi & Trends

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Meanwhile, India’s overall fintech market opportunity is estimated to be $1.3 Tn by 2025 and the lending tech is likely to account for 47% ($616 Bn), followed by insurance tech at 26% ($339 Bn) and digital payments at 16% ($208 Bn).

The above-quoted numbers give a fair insight into the booming fintech ecosystem and further outline the need for a proactive forum to discuss and gauge trends within the economy. Thus, after hosting India’s largest product conference – The Maker’s Summit 2.0 in April 2022, and previously hosting The D2C Summit and The Crypto Summit – to evangelise the budding sectors, we are back with something even bigger!

We are glad to announce the first edition of Inc42’s Fintech Summit – a conference to enable India’s fintech businesses and allied sectors to scale up and reach new heights with insights, advice and tips from the who’s who of the financial industry.

Inc42’s Fintech Summit is a conference which will convene the leading fintech startups, financial institutions and tech firms for a dialogue on how fintech will shape India’s new economy.

Who Should Attend Fintech Summit

Inc42 will bring together 50+ speakers — from founders to investors to BFSI professionals and experts across 100+ brands for the premier edition to take the experience to the next level.

The Fintech Summit by Inc42 will bring together the brightest minds behind India’s fastest-growing fintech companies to decode the $75 Bn economy that promises to disrupt India’s $1.3 Tn financial services market opportunity.

With India at a new juncture after the advent of the financial internet and to keep up with the rapidly-changing ecosystem, Inc42 will dive into building a scalable business from the lens of product, help decode high-growth financial products, understand new models such as BNPL, fintech-as-a-service, and the infrastructure innovations such as DeFi powering these business models.

So now’s the time to step on the accelerator and put innovation on a fast track. As we shift from a cash-first economy to a cashless nation, the Indian fintech market is seeing new leaders emerge and rise.

Inc42’s Fintech Summit will, thus, be a forum for fintech enthusiasts to discover, connect, network and hire India’s top 1% fintech professionals; for startups and their founders to get discovered by investors, customers and enterprises; for stakeholders to stay ahead with the latest market trends, innovations, strategies and learn from the makers of the hottest fintech startups in India.

What’s In It For You

In 2021, the fintech ecosystem was only second to the enterprisetech startups. It was fuelled by the growing adoption of financial technology products and services in India, giving rise to the trends in Web2 as well as Web3.

For instance, insurtech is the fastest-growing in terms of market size and will see a 4X surge in addressable market size, up from $87 Bn in 2022 to $339 Bn by 2025. On the other hand, the market size for fintech SaaS in India is expected to see a 2.7x surge in the next three years – from $4.6 Bn in 2022 to $12.6 Bn in 2025.

Furthermore, India’s to-be trillion-dollar fintech ecosystem is largely favoured by lending and payments solutions and marred by regulatory issues. Wondering what is the ‘neo’ in banking and decentralisation in finance? Or toggling between the clash of policies and regulators’ dilemma? Marvelling over marketplaces and ecommerce businesses turning into fintechs?

The Fintech Summit by Inc42 brings a wide range of themes such as decoding the $43.3 Bn BNPL market in India and untangling the Web3 conundrum looming over financial services. From banks digitising their operations to super fintech apps, be a part of the dialogue on how fintech will shape up India’s new economy.

Come, be a part of this discovery of trends and insights and unravel more from the Indian fintech market along with the growth drivers and challenges in the burgeoning ecosystem in the country.

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