HyperDex Brings 3 DeFi Investment Features to Life

By May 11, 2022DeFi
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While DeFi involves granting users total control over their finances by enabling them to generate returns on their investments, it remains a complex and overly risky ecosystem for most investors. HyperDex aims to solve these problems by allowing investors to leverage the “true value” of DeFi. The platform effectively routes investors’ assets into various yield-generating products through algorithms to deliver these benefits.

After honing and auditing the platform for functionality, HyperDex has officially unveiled its decentralized finance (DeFi) offerings to the broader public. The HyperDex DeFi platform is now live, featuring an initial suite of three products. Dubbed “cubes,” these newly-launched products include Fixed Income, Algo Trading, and Race Trading. These products aspire to help users become acquainted with the HyperDex platform and its features.

For instance, the Fixed Income product delivers strategies for investors to earn fixed returns over a specific period. By comparison, Algo Trading strategies empower investors to earn variable returns. Finally, Race Trading offers high-risk strategies that enable investors to hold derivative-like positions based on the future price of the underlying asset.

Per the HyperDex team, Race Trading is the platform’s flagship product. Within the Race Trading cube, HyperDex offers users access to a variety of assets, leverage, target prices, and liquidation prices. Relative to other “cubes,” Race Trading takes a more aggressive investment approach, allowing users to speculate on future prices of multiple assets by selecting short or long positions.

Additionally, the Race Trading cube intends to serve users of all skill levels, with the underlying algorithms controlling every complicated aspect of derivatives trading.

Management Commentary

Commenting on the newly live mainnet, Hyperdex co-founder Manfredi Magris explains, “Hyperdex was designed to drive down the complexity of DeFi investment and to give users exposure to sophisticated products that were once the preserve of pros. Our Race Trading cube, for example, contains a simplified derivatives contract that makes it easy for anyone to experience the rewards of decentralized finance, all boosted by the HYP token.”

The HyperDex team has stressed that the three “cubes” mark the first phase of investment strategies integrated into the platform, with more to follow in the coming months. With the completion of this latest milestone, the HyperDex team will shift its focus towards the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) of its native HYP token. Users of the Hyperdex platform can employ the HYP token to maximize liquidity provision (LP) rewards and incentivize automated trading strategies.

Among the other upcoming milestones on the HyperDex roadmap is the introduction of more sophisticated investment solutions called “Hypercubes,” specially formulated to double investors’ returns, and the unveiling of the Hyperdex P2P loan exchange.

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