Hive grand entrance to polygon network pHIVE

By May 13, 2022Layer2
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Yes, another win for the Leofinance community and the hive blockchain I’m general. Finally Hive just made a grand entrance into the polygon blockchain in shape of the pHive. Form frequent ask me anything session on the Leofinance platform, the team had a discussion as regards it’s release it’s definitely so cool to have both HBD and Hive on the polygon blockchain.


pHBD liquidity which is on the rise and it’s currently at $370k, which it’s definitely certain that we will hit the set target.The pHive is simply Hive on the polygon blockchain, is a version of wrapped Hive and it’s backed by the native token of Hive on the Hive blockchain.

Bridging both ecosystem together which is the Hive and polygon will help us achieve two things which is generating value through the DAO operated bridge which is for the PolyCub.
While for Hive it’s centered at the users in flow and out flow in the hive ecosystem, and to also provide liquidity for PolyCub where users can stake from sushiswap which is a decentralized exchange and also earn.

From live sessions it seems the team in centered on creating a deep liquidity pool for both pHIVE and pHBD, as the launch of pHive came in two weeks after the successful launch of pHBD. The pHBD launch played a positive impact on the value of PolyCub as it’s value increased massively, and it’s also same mechanism as that of pHive.

This recent development might play a bullish run on the market price of the hive token, cause it’s definitely going to create more awareness about the blockchain as an entity and also both native tokens HBD and Hive. It’s a great development from the Leofinance development team as they are doing the most in such a short period of time.

Also don’t forget in participating in the writing contest, let’s do our own part in growing the pHBD-USDC liquidity

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