The Sandbox Collaborates With A 9-Year-Old OId To Create Zombie Zoo Land

By May 16, 2022The Sandbox
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The Sandbox has collaborated with a 9-year-old named ‘Zombie Zoo Keeper’ to create Zombie Zoo Land and bring his creative drawings to life. Through this collaboration with a big corporation in The Sandbox, the Japanese ‘Zombie Zoo Keeper’ has demonstrated that he is unlike many other 9-year-olds.

About Zombie Zoo Land and Zombie Zoo Keeper

With his Zombie Zoo collection on OpenSea, the first Zombie Zoo Keeper ascended to NFT fame. This collection comprises 258 pieces with a floor price of 0.29 ETH, with a clear thin floor price. He made this collection when he was only eight years old. He’s been featured in Buzzfeed, Business Insider, and other publications as a result of his celebrity.

He also has over 6,000 Twitter followers, including one from world-famous DJ Steve Aoki.

He has now collaborated with Manga and Anime expert Minto to bring the designs to life in The Sandbox, one of the largest metaverse sites. The project’s crew will recreate their creations in 3D, bringing them to life through the virtual, colorful world.

The project will provide a delightful experience for all users by utilizing Minto’s virtual real estate.

The partnership and building of the Zombie Zoo Land is not The Sandbox’s first collaboration with a well-known company or individual. This one, though, may be the most intriguing because the brand is working with a 9-year-old for the first time.

The Sandbox is a massive metaverse game platform. They undoubtedly have the most market share, along with Decentraland.

Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Adidas, and The Smurfs are among the Sandbox’s partners. Aside from that, many large collections, like as CyberKongz’s CyberKongz VX collection, have created voxel, Sandbox-ready avatars.

It has also demonstrated a demonstrable ability to host events, as has its main competitor, Decentraland.

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