3 most popular voxel sandbox games on Ethereum

By May 21, 2022The Sandbox
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A voxel-based modeling game, that is, a sandbox game in the blockchain, players mainly build their own world by purchasing land and basic buildings. There are similarities with the traditional game Monopoly and Lego Jam. Because of the popularity of The Sandbox, blockchain sandbox games have gradually become known. The Sandbox is one of the most popular sandbox games at present, with a market value of up to 6.83 billion on November 28, 2021.

Compared with other types of GameFi games, such as Thetan Arena, Crazy Defense Heroe, Splinterlands, etc., sandbox games give players more freedom to build their own kingdom on a piece of land as they want.

From Footprint Analytics data on the sandbox games with the most users on Ethereum, we found three games with the most users. It is mainly measured by the number of user wallet transaction addresses. MegaCryptoPolis, EvolitionLand and NFT Words.

(1) MegaCryptoPolis

1 Introduction

MegaCryptoPolis, or MCP for short, was launched on Ethereum in May 2017 and migrated to Matic Network, the Polygon chain, on December 10, 2020. Currently MCP is also running on TRON Network. The vision is to create an open blockchain world built by users.

2. How to play

Players in MCP can earn money by renting or buying a piece of land, creating, upgrading or destroying buildings on it, and trading it on the market. This is similar to the traditional game QQ farm planting transaction, the difference is that QQ farm does not require start-up capital.

MCP players need to use MetaMask or imToken to register an account and spend at least 0.05 ETH to start the game.After that, you can experience different gameplay and earn rewards.

1) Build buildings and trade on them.

Players can build buildings, and all buildings can generate NFTs required for building operation, such as brick materials, resources, water and electricity, etc. You can earn money by renting it out or running it yourself, or trading it on the market or external exchanges.

Buildings can be of seven types such as industrial, residential, office, etc. Each building has seven levels, and upgrades require fees and taxes. The sixth level is Huges, and the seventh level Magas can be upgraded by merging with adjacent buildings of the same type and level. These two levels of buildings contribute to the average eligibility of a new generation of citizens, while the other levels have weak or no bonuses.

Building a building needs to be combined with the surrounding geographical location, as well as paying certain fees and taxes to the in-game fund. Buildings can be demolished, demolition is irreversible. Once demolished, all upgrades from that building will disappear, but will refund 25% of the resources consumed by the previous upgrade.

Buildings can also be rented out for rent, subject to a 10% tax. The rent is calculated as a daily rent, and the player can decide the rental period and cost, but cannot rent when there are citizens and cars in the building.

Source: MegaCrtyptoPolis

2) Participate in the auction to obtain blocks to become the owner, and manage the blocks to obtain benefits.

Players can participate in the auction to obtain a piece of no-man’s land and become the owner of the block. Blocks can be traded in the market, but cannot be transferred as the blockchain network switches. Holding a block earns a portion of the price other players pay for the land on that block, as well as taxes for each player’s activities such as building upgrades on the land.

3) Upgrade citizens and trade to earn income.

Players can buy or rent residential buildings and designate citizens to create and generate a new generation of citizens. Citizens are essentially NFTs, allowing them to be sold and transferred on the market.

4) Acquire resource packs, and split and sell them to earn profits.

Players can also buy game assets directly from the market without creating buildings or renting and buying plots, buy material packs or resource packs at lower prices in large quantities, and split and sell them for profit. But as of now, the resource pack has been sold out in the store on the official website.

It is worth noting that MCP plans to launch Mega World, a Metaverse, which will run on the basis of MCP, which can be regarded as a Metaverse-level upgrade of MCP. All assets on MCP will be migrated to Mega World in the future.

Source: Mega World’s Roadmap

3. Data performance

Token PriceMCP’s token is MEGA, and its price has generally fallen. The highest price occurred on November 1, 2021, at $31.87, the current price is $6.61, and the overall decline is 79.26%. Its price peak and second highest occurred in November, a period when The Sandbox and Decentraland are in full swing.

Footprint Analytics – Price of MEGA

The overall number of transactions in TransactionsMCP is growing, which is more in line with the development path of an established project. From the historical data of Footprint Analytics, MCP transactions were relatively sluggish before January 2021. Of course, one of the reasons is that the concept of GameFi was not mainstream before, but the main reason should be that Ethereum’s gas fee is too high, and the network more congested.

MCP has been migrated to Polygon since December 10, 2020, which is of great help in reducing the gas fee cost of players and improving the game experience.

Footprint Analytics – Transactions of MegaCryptoPolis

Users As of April 25, the number of MCP users has reached 64,000, ranking first among sandbox games on the Ethereum chain. However, the growth of new users showed a gradual downward trend, especially between December 2020 and January 2021, the decline reached 58.16%.

Footprint Analytics – New Users by Month | MegaCrptoPolis

NFT Trading Volume As of April 25th, MCP’s NFT transactions exceeded $17,000. The NFT transactions in the past six months have shown a slight decline, but the overall gap is not large.

Footprint Analytics – Trading Volume of MegaCryptoPolis’ NFT

(2) Evolution Land

1 Introduction

Evolution Land is a cross-chain sandbox game launched on Ethereum in 2018, which is more like a Metaverse game than MegaCryptoPolis. Composed of 26 continents, four continents and five continents have been launched.

  • Atlantis Continent, published on Ethereum.
  • Byzantine Continent, published on TRON Chain.
  • Columbus Continent, published on Crab Network.
  • Dawning Continent, published on Heco Chain.
  • Eden Continent, published on Polygon.

Source: Evolution Land

There are mainly three types of tokens in Evolution Land. One is KTON, the governance token. One is RING, which is the main circulating token in the game. One is COO, the primary consumption token in the game.

KTON, the in-game governance token, is the Darwinia Commitment Token. Locking the KTON pledge into the smart contract can obtain voting rights, and according to the proportion of voting rights, a disproportionate dividend of 30% of the game revenue will be obtained. KTON can be obtained by locking RING on Crab Network, or it can be purchased on exchanges.

RING, the currency in circulation in the game, is the native token of the introduced Darwinia Network. The total supply is 2 billion pieces, expanding at a rate of 5%, and is expected to reach the upper limit of 10 billion pieces in 50 years. RING can be traded in-game at the Gingotts Financial Centre or external exchanges, or obtained through apostles or trading resources.

COO (Evolution Land Carbon Dioxide), the primary consumption token in the game, there is no upper limit on the supply.Low-level task items can be purchased, which can now be obtained by logging in every day, participating in community activities, etc. COO is different from RING, COO cannot be traded and cannot be transferred.

2. How to play

Evolution Land players can earn money by building their own land, training their own apostles and participating in event challenges. You need to use Meta Mask to register an account, set a name, the name is unique, and it is not allowed to duplicate the name of other players in the game.

After spending part of the RING to buy land, players can experience the different ways of Evolution Land and get benefits, which are mainly as follows.

  • resource extraction. Players hire apostles or buy drills and place them on the land owned by the players to mine and obtain resources.
  • Apostle training. Players can buy, breed, lease, or trade and sell Apostles on the Apostle Market.
  • Apostolic Adventure. Players can form a team of 4 apostles to explore dungeons and obtain materials and equipment.
  • Gringotts Adventure. Players can provide liquidity or perform Mining in Gringotts.

Source: Evolution Land – Atlantis Continent

3. Data performance

– Token Price In the past year, KTON and RING rose and fell roughly the same. The highest price of KTON occurred on March 21, 2021, at $301.56, after which it started to fall, and the current price is $27.28. The highest price of RING appeared on March 14, 2021, at $0.3. Although it has risen slightly since then, it is still in a downward trend in general. The current price of RING is $0.016.

Footprint Analytics – Price of KTON

Footprint Analytics – Price of RING

– TransactionsEvolution Land Atlantis’ transaction volume has generally declined in the past, with less than 100 transactions since July 2021. This may be that Atlantis Continent is deployed on Ethereum, and the congested network and high gas fee will have a bad gaming experience for players.

And other continents are also online. If the gameplay is not very different, it is not an option for players to consider starting the game on other blockchains in other continents. This may also be one of the reasons why Evolution Land Atliantis is currently trading at low volumes.

Footprint Analytics – Transactions of EvoltionLand

– Users As of April 24, the number of users of Evolution Land is similar to that of MegaCryptoPolis, reaching 62,000.Ranked second in the sandbox game on the Ethereum chain. But user retention is weak and growth is declining.

Footprint Analytics – User Retention of EvolutionLand

(3) NFT Worlds

1 Introduction

NFT Worlds is a Minecraft-based blockchain sandbox game released on the Ethereum chain in October 2021. NFT Worlds consists of many different worlds (World), and players can experience different games in different worlds.

The token of NFT Worlds is WORLD, which is the general currency in the game, allowing transactions without gas fees.NFT Worlds was once known as a game of overtaking The Sandbox on a curve.

2. How to play

Although NFT Worlds also has the attributes of P2E, players can get the experience of DIYing their own worlds more than players who earn NFT Worlds.

Source: NFT Worlds

There are two main ways for players to start the game. One is to buy NFT’s World directly in OpenSea. As of April 25, the lowest price is 9.2 ETH. According to the official introduction, the world’s rental model will be launched in 2022 to lower the entry threshold of the game.

The second is Minecraft users, who only need to have a Minecraft account (or register to spend about $27 to purchase the game and register), log in to Minecraft: Java version 1.17 to enter NFT Worlds to open the game, but it should be noted that the current update to Version 1.18, need to fall back to Minecraft: Java Edition 1.17.

After entering the game, players can experience the game in two identities and earn rewards.

As a landlord, players can earn money by creating their own worlds and setting up games for other players to experience.In the future, you can also rent out your own world.

As a wanderer, players can earn money by playing games created by other landlord players.

Source: NFT Worlds

3. Data performance

Since Token Price was launched, the price of WORLD has been relatively stable, fluctuating around $0.55, and the highest value appeared on February 19, 2022, at $1.188. The current price is $0.35.

Footprint Analytics – Price of WORLD

The transaction volume of TransactionsNFT Worlds is relatively small on the whole, except for the high transactions at the beginning of the launch, the rest of the months have fewer transactions.

Footprint Analytics – Transactions of NFT Worlds

– Users As of April 25, NFT Worlds has 23,000 users. It ranks third among the sandbox games on Ethereum and is the most well-known, that is, the number of fans of NFT Worlds’ social account Twitter is the highest among the sandbox games on the Ethereum chain.

The data performance of NFT Worlds’ new users per month is not very top-notch, and the number of new users per month has been relatively maintained at about 1,000 since the second month of launch. The main changes are in line with the trading changes of NFT Worlds. User retention performance is also mediocre, with low monthly retention.

Footprint Analytics – New Users by Month of NFT Worlds

Footprint Analytics – User Retention of NFT Worlds

– NFT Trading Volume

The overall NFT transaction of NFT Worlds is showing an upward trend, and the peak is still on October 6, 2021, at $5.6 million, which may be affected by the release date. Since then, it has risen intermittently, maintaining a higher daily average. On April 25, NFT Worlds saw $340,000 in NFT transactions.

Footprint Analytics – Trading Volume of NFT Worlds’ NFT

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