The Sandbox invests $175M in global blockchain startups to sustain the growth of the Web3 space

By May 22, 2022The Sandbox
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The Sandbox invests $175M to promote creativity and excellence in the web3 space by supporting startups across the globe.

The Sandbox invests $175M in global blockchain startups to sustain the growth of the Web3 space

The Sandbox has announced that it will be investing $175M in several startups to ensure the stability and growth of the blockchain gaming community. As a Brand, The Sandbox has invested considerably in developing its Metaverse by supporting gaming studios in various global locations such as Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, France, South Korea, and many more.

These investments have contributed significantly to the ecosystem's growth, and with this recent announcement, The Sandbox plans to do even more.

From the available information, The Sandbox has entered a strategic partnership with venture capital and accelerator firm, Brinc to begin an accelerator program for over 100 startups worldwide. Through this accelerator program, The Sandbox will be supporting startups with a cumulative sum of $50M, which will be distributed based on Brinc's arrangement and these startups may receive up to $250,000 and SAND tokens and LAND grants.

The Sandbox has also provided a $25m grant to the World of Women as it aims to help promote diversity and inclusivity for women in the Web3 space. World of Women is a global web3 organization on a mission to address the gender disparity in the space. The goal is to create opportunities for anyone worldwide to be owners, creators, and contributors in this new era of the web.

This recent announcement emphasizes the commitment of The Sandbox to the growth of the web3 space, and it follows a list of considerable investments the brand has made in the blockchain gaming ecosystem in recent years. More information on the other investment plans by The Sandbox will be available in due time.

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