Cool Cats Reduce $MILK Token Rewards, Make Sure You Claim Soon!

By June 14, 2022The Sandbox
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Cool Cats have just announced they will reduce the $MILK token rewards from June 15. Therefore, the team urged NFT holders to claim any unclaimed milk in the next few hours. In addition, the Cool Cats team also revealed that the 2x to 1x reduction will affect questing, milk claims and staking.

What is $MILK?

$MILK is the social token of the Cool Cats ecosystem. It is essential for purchasing Cool Pets, Housing and Battle chests, as well as quests and future gamification elements. What’s special about the $MILK token is that you automatically earn $MILK if you are an NFT holder. In addition, you can claim the token as soon as you mint your NFT, and can accumulate more $MILK over time.

$MILK are ERC-20 tokens on the Polygon and Ethereum blockchain. There are just over 60 million tokens in circulation, which provide utility to users while in the Cool Cats ecosystem Cooltopia. To earn more tokens, you can buy them on decentralized exchanges, and use your Cool Pets to complete quests and earn $MILK.

About Cool Cats

It’s safe to say that Cool Cats is one of the most popular NFT-based projects. The collection of 9,999 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs featuring cats has been popular since its first launch in July 2021. To solidify its leadership position, the NFT project has also launched Cooltopia as well as Cool Pets. Recently, the NFT project announced an exclusive partnership with The SandBox, which will certainly further strengthen the brand.

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