Cool Cats Releases NFT Avatars For The Sandbox Metaverse

By June 15, 2022The Sandbox
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The Cool Cats NFT project has officially announced a collaboration with The Sandbox! The Cool Cats team announced to their 200,000+ fans via Twitter that they are working on introducing Cool Cats to The Sandbox metaverse platform.

What Are Our Thoughts on Cool Cats x The Sandbox?

For the past few weeks, Cool Cats has been teasing 3D, pixelated things. They validated their community’s speculation yesterday.

“You guessed it!” said the announcement post. We have reached an agreement with @TheSandboxGame to introduce your Cool Cats into their metaverse in early Q4. Keep an eye out for all of the exciting prospects that this integration will bring our holders!”

As of this writing, there are few specifics about the collaboration. Only in October 2022 can we expect to see the 3D Cool Cats avatars. However, the NFT project will undoubtedly reveal more details regarding their work with The Sandbox in the future.

Furthermore, the majority of the community reacted warmly to the announcement. However, some fans of the 3D Cool Cats avatar based on the teaser poster want it to be more squishy and cuddly.

“Can they be shorter and fatter?” tweeted @onenftboi in response to the post. I had no idea my cats were 6-foot-tall men.”

The NFT Project’s Cool Cats: A Brief History

Cool Cats is a collection of Ethereum blockchain NFTs that are generated programmatically at random. The first generation is made up of 9,999 randomly selected Cats from a pool of over 300,000 possible choices. Each NFT has a unique costume, body, face, and color.

Since its inception on July 1, 2021, the NFT project has been steadily expanding its ecosystem. It has earned a blue-chip NFT reputation and is on par with the largest NFT collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Furthermore, the NFT project is a popular among celebrities. Steve Aoki, Mike Tyson, and Reese Witherspoon are among its most prominent owners.

It has issued numerous supplementary collections in addition to its flagship collection. Cool Pets and their Halloween NFTs are examples of this. Furthermore, it has released Cooltopia, a gamified ecosystem focused on interactivity and utility.

Cool Cats has also worked with Time Magazine and has a merchandise agreement with Toikido.

Chris Hassett stepped down as CEO two months ago, and the Cool Cats team is working with a top recruitment firm to locate the project’s next world-class CEO.

Finally, Cool Cats just hired Sian Morson, one of the most respected voices in the Web3 and NFT area, as their new Vice President of Community.

Last Thoughts

Cool Cats has demonstrated its ability in the NFT space, and this partnership with The Sandbox may add value to the collection. It will also provide more services to its holders. Aside from joining the world’s largest metaverse platform, we’re excited to see what the NFT project has in store for the future.

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