The Sandbox Is Partnering with Lionsgate For A Film-Themed Metaverse Land

By June 16, 2022The Sandbox
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The Sandbox

Sandbox has announced that it has partnered with Lionsgate to develop ‘Action City’, a dedicated metaverse land that will be will offer a film-themed entertainment experience.

Action City will feature voxelized characters and other NFT-based items inspired by Lionsgate action films over the years. The Land gives users a real chance to engage with Lionsgate films in ways they have never done before.

Sandbox and Lionsgate: Details About the Partnership

Sandbox has confirmed that the new partnership will include both Lionsgate and its partner Millennium Media. Also, all the content coming on its ‘Action City’ LAND will be drawn from these two entertainment companies.

Lionsgate is now the first major film and television production company to enter the Sandbox metaverse. The company also has a huge catalog of movies to bring to life through this partnership. However, it will be interesting to explore the horror-rich genre that falls under Lionsgate content offering.

We are also learning that for now, Action City will launch with three major films on the cards. This includes popular action franchises ‘Rambo’, ‘Hellboy’ and ‘The Expendables’.

Sandbox also says that a tease for the ‘Hellboy’ inspired experience is out. Users can get to see what the whole concept looks like as Lionsgate and Millennium Media plan to bring more movies into Action City.

Fan-centered Approach

The Action City metaverse experience is also expected to follow Sandbox’s fan-centered approach. The aim is not only to create an action-packed metaverse.

It is also to empower players and members of its community to also create their own experiences using the rich content from Lionsgate.

In fact, The Sandbox says that the Voxel items under Action City will be more than just some visual props. They will have additional utility within the Sandbox and can be traded by users.

What the Partnership Means for The Sandbox

Signing a partnership like this with Lionsgate is a big deal for The Sandbox. First, Lionsgate is one of the biggest film and TV companies in the world. It owns some of the biggest action films ever produced, each with a massive fan base.

It is likely that some of these fans could easily find their way into the Sandbox as they seek more engagement from Lionsgate content. Also, the partnership will play a crucial role in raising the profile of Sandbox within the metaverse sector.

In fact, bringing in Lionsgate could help open up the creator economy on the platform. In the end, this will likely attract other high-profile content creators.

Sandbox is also hoping to expand the utility of Action City NFTs across its entire metaverse. This will give users more ways to derive value from their interactions with some of the biggest action films ever made.

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