Samyang AANI Will Build Branded LAND in New Partnership with The Sandbox

By June 17, 2022The Sandbox
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The Sandbox

The Sandbox has announced a new partnership with Samyang AANI, an affiliate of Samyang Foods that focuses on media and commerce. The deal will allow the company to build a branded LAND dubbed ‘Samyang Foods’ on Sandbox.

The project will also provide a new NFT collection inspired by the Samyang Food brand and its content IP. It will also give Sandbox users a chance to interact with the brand in a more immersive virtual experience.

More Details on The Sandbox Partnership

Samyang AANI is an affiliate of the main Samyang Foods brand. It is also solely responsible for all the IP owned by the food company. The affiliate firm will take over all metaverse and content-related projects with regard to Samyang Foods moving forward.

The Sandbox deal gives Samyang AANI the first real opportunity to test out its virtual presence in an established platform. The brand says that it hopes to use its Sandbox LAND to target its global customer base and the millennial generation.

The Korean company has been in the food business for nearly 60 years. Although it made its name in the Korean market, it has since expanded its reach with a series of global brands too. This new partnership opens a new frontier that it has not touched before, the metaverse.

What The Deal Means for Sandbox

There is no doubt that Sandbox is by far one of the biggest metaverse platforms right now. It has a huge following and in recent months, the platform has attracted several major brands across various sectors.

Bringing in Samyang Foods is a big move that will set Sandbox on the path toward food NFTs. Also, the deal showcases the versatility of this metaverse. It gives Sandbox that aura of credibility.

This means that brands out there can rely on the platform to build engagement in the metaverse through creative NFT-backed experiences.

Besides, The Sandbox recently announced a similar partnership with Lionsgate, one of the biggest film and TV companies in the world.

Experiencing Food in the Metaverse

The move by Samyang Foods to set up LAND on Sandbox highlights a growing trend by food companies to enter the metaverse. Yes, it’s not possible to eat virtually. But food brands are finding creative ways to make users experience food in a virtual setting.

The purpose of this is purely marketing. In fact, the Samyang deal effectively creates NFT backed experiences based on its major brand names.

But other than this, there are still many other ways food companies can explore to build engagement in virtual reality.

Nonetheless, this is still a nascent sector. More innovations could still come that transform how we interact with food in the metaverse.

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