What Is The Sandbox, And How Will It Change The Metaverse Forever?

By June 20, 2022The Sandbox
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Minecraft is one of the worlds most popular games to this date, with a daily player count north of 2.5 million. Theres hardly anyone that doesnt know about the game and its charming, box-based gameplay. Sandbox.

However, recently Minecrafts market share has been disrupted by an unlikely candidate- The Sandbox. The Sandbox is a mobile-first game where players can create their own gaming experience through the Ethereum blockchain. Players can then monetize the content they create, in addition to possessing true ownership of each block they place.

Today, well be looking at how the Sandbox took the world by storm, how far we can take the sandbox video-game experience in the Metaverse, and another game that might just be taking Sandboxs market share much as it did to Minecraft.

What Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a blockchain gaming platform where users can create and own their own gaming experiences. The Sandbox consists of three parts that ensure users can create their own content within the game. These are:

  • VoxEdit: A simple 3D voxel(A 3D pixel, think one block in Minecraft) modeling and NFT creation toolkit that allows players to make and animate 3D objects. Once an object is built, it can then be exported to the next step.
  • The Marketplace: Once objects are created, they can be exported to the marketplace in order to become NFTs. Here, users can upload, publish, and sell all of their NFTs made in VoxEdit.
  • The Game Maker: The Game Maker is the true meat of the Sandbox. Here, players can create and design their own 3D gaming experiences. This is a no-coding tool that allows players to create intricate scripts that form a cohesive game.

So, where are all of these user-made games played in the first place? The game has 166,464 units of LAND available for users to place their content. Each LAND can be owned individually and consists of 96 by 96 meters of game space.

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