Craft beer, crypo, and NFTs? Will this become a thing?

By June 22, 2022NFT
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Bill Gates recently commented on NFTs and the current craze, or fad, or movement, or whatever you want to call it. Among other things, he said that NFTs are “100 percent based on greater fool theory.” His comments were dismissive. Gates refers to a financial theory asserting that even overpriced assets can make money as long as the purchaser can find an even bigger fool who wants to buy them.

I have no idea if he’s right. I have trouble wrapping my brain around the idea of ascribing a value to something that is nonfungible because it is recorded on the blockchain. This is not intended to be a commentary on crypto, NFTs, the blockchain, and those kinds of things so much as it is a report on the first instance I’ve found where the whole crypto, NFT, blockchain thing is bleeding over into the craft beer world. Basically, it is an offer, or an opportunity, from three of Colorado’s craft breweries.

Since I started putting this article together I’ve learned that last month Goose Island Brewing attached an NFT program to the annual release of its much-ballyhooed Bourbon County Stout. Turns out, that wasn’t the first time an Anheuser-Busch brand attached an NFT to one of its beers: Budweiser did it in December 2021. Still, this offering from Denver Beer, Great Divide Brewing, and Resolute Brewing is the first real craft beer/NFT association to find its way into my stream.


This offer from these three craft breweries is actually starting to put all this stuff into terms my analog, IRL (in real life) brain can comprehend. I think? Will other breweries follow suit? Will this become a thing? We will see where this goes.

Three of Colorado’s craft breweries have teamed up for an NFT sale that grants the purchasers an opportunity to join an exclusive craft beer tour and party bus this summer. Here is the official press release.

Three Denver Craft Breweries Co-Launch NFTs Tied to Exclusive In-Person Experience

Tickets for an exclusive brewery tour of Denver Beer Co., Great Divide Brewing Co., and Resolute Brewing Company are tied to an NFT sale launching June 3 [sic]

Denver, June 22, 2022 — Denver Beer Company, Great Divide Brewing Co., and Resolute Brewing Company launch an exclusive NFT sale that will allow purchasers and a guest the opportunity to join an exclusive craft beer tour and party bus this summer. The NFT sale launches at 10 am MT on Friday, June 24, at 8 am via and continues through the weekend until the marketplaces for all three breweries are sold out.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are pieces of digital art that only have one official owner and are secured on the blockchain. This weekend’s unique brewery NFT sale gives Colorado beer lovers an exclusive opportunity to own an NFT that comes with an exclusive IRL (or “in real life”) benefit for the owner.

“We know beer fans in Colorado will be really excited for this event. And, for folks who are new to NFTs, this sale is an opportunity to test the waters and see what it’s all about,” says Clifton Oertli, owner of Resolute Brewing Company. “All of the participating breweries are staples of the Denver beer community, and we’re excited to join them in this launch and to share a new experience with our fans.”

The NFT launch includes 18 total NFTs that are available for purchase, with 6 offered by each participating brewery. Every NFT is unique and features a retro, video game-inspired piece of art that also functions as a ticket to an all-inclusive brewery bus tour of Denver Beer Company, Great Divide Brewing Co., and Resolute Brewing Company on July 30.

“We’re stoked to roll out these NFTs with Resolute and Denver Beer Co. Each NFT will work as a backstage pass for a party bus tour this summer, giving the NFT holders access to a behind-the-scenes experience at our brewery,” says Matt Sandy, marketing manager at Great Divide Brewing Company.

On July 30, the brewery tour will kick-off at 11 am at Denver Beer Co.’s Canworks location. A party bus for all ticket holders (the NFT purchase includes two tickets, for the NFT holder and one guest) will provide transportation to Great Divide’s Ballpark Neighborhood location and Resolute Brewing in Centennial.

“This NFT launch is a huge milestone for the brewing community, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Our ‘Beer for Life’ NFT sale last summer showed us that beer lovers are excited about the opportunity to engage with real-life benefits of NFTs,” says Charlie Berger, co-founder of Denver Beer Co.

During the tour, NFT owners and their guests will receive beer, lunch, transportation and an exclusive networking opportunity at the participating breweries. For more information, visit

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