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By June 22, 2022NFT
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Interest in Fan Tokens and NFTs is growing even more in the world of Sports.

A study conducted by Nielsen Group shows that 10% of sports fans are interested in buying crypto tokens to support their favorite team, league or players and 8% are interested in getting involved in the daily activities of the team or champion. of the heart.

The interest in the crypto world is certainly also a consequence of the growing number of sports sponsorship agreements signed by cryptocurrency or blockchain companies in the last two years.

During the first three quarters of 2021 alone, over 200 million euros were invested in sports sponsorships by the top 10 crypto companies (source: Nielsen Sports SponsorGlobe).

The two most popular types of digital assets in the industry are currently fan tokens and NFTs / digital collectibles.

Fan Tokens are digital assets operating on blockchain, designed to give fans access to specific goods and services offered by sports teams.

It is therefore a “sub-category” of utility tokens that guarantee a series of advantages to those who buy them.

With the purchase of fan tokens, in fact, the fan can get discounts, reserved offers, promotions and get priority in the purchase of match tickets, meet current or past athletes and players or obtain discounts on merchandising.

At the same time, it can play a more active role in team management and decisions to be made by participating in surveys promoted on the relevant platform, to express its judgment on a club or league decision.

NFTs / digital collectibles are unique or rare photos, videos, audios and other types of files, transferable but not replaceable or replicable, that may be owned by a single individual. Owning these items for fans means having new possibilities to support their favorite sports team, with potential growing value.

The most appreciated nft by fans are inherent, for example, to trophies, t-shirts, shoes, or spectacular and exciting actions related to an event, a competition or a player.

The first Sports Federation in Italy and in the world to activate its own Honor Club open to individuals and companies, releasing new generation NFT, is FIBS, the Italian Baseball Softball Federation, a few days ago on, 20 June 2022, with the issue of its first Official Tokens.

The FIBS Honor Club records the people and organizations that support its values ​​and activities.

In addition to FIBS, several football teams have already entered the crypto world by launching their own fan tokens.

The absolute top spot in terms of company-related fan tokens is PSG, the Paris Saint Germain fan token, with a capitalization of over $ 47 million. City followed by Manchester City (40.4) and Atletico Madrid (30.1).

Among the Italian clubs, the first (in fifth place) is Juventus, with 23.2 million dollars of capitalization.

BigTaurus also contributed to spreading interest in the crypto world in the world of sport, by creating the Genoa Fan Token

Although we are at an early stage, the presence of cryptocurrencies in the world of sports is growing in a frenzy.

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