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GABLE (Garbled Autonomous Bots Leveraging Ethereum) is a protocol and system for performing secure computation on the Ethereum blockchain, which was developed at Sandia National Laboratories during the period 2017-2020. It is described in more detail in the following two publications:

  • M. P. Frank, C. N. Cordi, K. G. Gabert, C. B. Helinski, R. C. Kao, V. Kolesnikov, A. K. Ladha, and N. D. Pattengale. The GABLE report: Garbled autonomous bots leveraging Ethereum. Technical report SAND2020-5413, Sandia National Laboratories, 2020.

  • Cordi, Christopher, Michael P Frank, Kasimir Georg Gabert, Carollan Beret Helinski, Ryan Kao, Vladimir Kolesnikov, Abrahim Ladha, Nicholas Dylan Pattengale, "Auditable, Available and Resilient Private Computation on the Blockchain via MPC," Conference Paper, The 6th International Symposium on Cyber Security, Cryptology and Machine Learning (CSCML 2022), June 2022. Full version available online at Cryptology ePrint Archive, Report 2022/398, 2022.

This repository contains Solidity source code for the smart contracts that were deployed to the Ethereum mainnet to test two demo applications, as was mentioned in the conclusion of the conference paper. The two demos are:

  1. Simplified Supply-Chain Demo. (ExecutableMachine_simple.sol) A simplified 4-state version of the state machine shown in the appendix of the full version of conference paper (also shown in Fig. 4-2 in the tech. report).

    This file compiles to two contracts, an executor contract and a separate storage contract for the garbled machine data; they were deployed at the following two Ethereum addresses:

    • Executor: 0xc8a54a72f187ec444ed08968901284bbd6d2ec06.
    • Storage: 0x57f1c190982d0a9ecdf7c4703e134d9eaf347de0.
  2. Multi-Party Auction Demo. (ExecutableMachine_MPA.sol) A 2-player, 16-bit instance of the multi-party auction example discussed in Fig. 4 of the conference paper (described in more detail in sec. 9.3 of the tech. report).

    This file includes a single ExecutableMachine contract, which was deployed to Ethereum address 0x98ccd7e190ac28a36d4f065a4f14dc5e0b67f5c7.

See the LICENSE.txt file for the copyright notice and open-source license terms that apply to all software in this repo.

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