Paleto NFT Collaborating With Polygon Studios to Freeze NFTs

By June 30, 2022NFT
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Paleto NFT Collaborating With Polygon Studios to Freeze NFTs

Paleto NFT recently announced collaborating with Polygon Studios. The partnership will result in Paleto NFT freezing non-fungible tokens using Polygon Studios’ low gas fees.

In addition, the collaboration will allow Paleto NFT to reduce its carbon footprints spread across the freezerverse. The venture released an official tweet about the development, tagging Polygon, Polygon News, and Polygon Studios.

It even linked its 3D NFT collection, which can be purchased at Ivan Itsai. The platform showcases numerous quirky, vibrant, and delicious-looking NFTs. Paleto NFT has been on a roll with new initiatives as the platform recently collaborated with three artists.

The Polygon-based venture is known for offering Ice Cream Popsicles-based NFTs in the freezer multiverse. Its ongoing floor price is 0.012 ETH, making it an appealing choice for NFT enthusiasts.

Before announcing a collaboration with Polygon Studios, Paleto delighted its customers with an airdrop. Over 78 lucky users received an exclusive NFT collection straight to their Paleto account.

Taco Tribe NFTs played a crucial role in this event, helping the Paleto NFT team conclude everything efficiently. Since its inception, the project has been releasing new NFTs, selling in a blink.

A major reason behind its active community is its routine interaction, and the venture even holds competitions around fun games like Gartic Phone. Besides these activities, Paleto NFT also conducts monthly raffles on its official Discord channel.

Given the surging demand for NFTs, expanding the connection with Polygon appears to be a natural decision for the project. As the gaming hub for Polygon, Polygon Studios has already helped multiple ventures make it into the big league.

The recently established partnership is expected to yield similar results for Paleto NFT.

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