Here’s How Chronoly will Surpass Metaverse Tokens The Sandbox and Decentraland

By July 4, 2022Metaverse
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In the Metaverse, we can fly, experiment with narcotics, cheat on our spouses and do all the things we desire but cannot do in our real, physical lives. Cryptocurrency plays a pivotal role in the Metaverse and while there are several Metaverse tokens around, experts believe that one ‘supercoin’ will emerge as the ‘the’ Metaverse crypto. We think that super coin will be Chronoly (CRNO).

The Sandbox (SAND) is an important Metaverse coin

One of the cryptocurrency games with the quickest growth is The Sandbox (SAND). Users can create a variety of 3D objects, like structures, cars, outfits, and monsters, in this Ethereum-based metaverse game. These things can now be added to the blockchain by users as NFTs, which they can then trade on secondary markets like Opensea or the Sandbox’s cryptocurrency exchange. Sandbox is also a play-to-earn platform.

SAND can also be used as a governance token on The Sandbox platform using the DAO to vote and suggest updates. The gaming platform is gradually establishing itself as a major player in the sector. The SAND token will be directly impacted by this achievement, making it an important metaverse coin.

Decentraland (MANA) is rallying a bit, but is it enough?

Decentraland (MANA), like many other cryptocurrencies, has had to endure sustained battering in the ongoing crypto market crash. in the recent market crisis. However, Decentraland has rallied to some degree, climbing more than 2% in the last 24 hours, as at the time of writing. Decentraland, as a 3D virtual world browser-based platform, continues to be the most significant Metaverse token, at least for now. That’s why some analysts are predicting a price of $1.25 by year’s end but, if that target is to be achieved, Decentraland will have to boast some sustained price rallies and continued user enthusiasm.

Chronoly (CRNO) will be the Metaverse supercoin

The Metaverse is a kingdom of fantasies where you can make your dreams come true. If you’re not rich in real life, then step into the Metaverse and live like a king. In the Metaverse, you can own a Rolex Oyster. Could you imagine owning one in real life? Well, Chronoly has made it possible for you to own a Rolex in real life and in the Metaverse as an NFT.

Chronoly (CRNO) is backed by luxury watches that are secured in vaults while being digitized as NFTs which can then be bought by investors and traded in the Metaverse. CRNO is so different because that NFT has real-world value and use cases as well Metaverse value. Chronoly bridges the divide between these two worlds. Investors will be able to own a fraction of rare timepieces that appreciate in value.

Despite still being in the presale phase, the price of CRNO has risen from $0.01 to $0.06 in just two months and many crypto analysts are forecasting a price increase of 2,500% before the full launch at the End of September. Find out more about the ongoing presale using the links below




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