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By August 5, 2022The Sandbox
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The rapidly growing popularity of the metaverse has led to more and more investors focusing on this new technology. Bloomberg recently published a report that estimates that the Metaverse could reach a market value of $ 800 billion.

Especially Metaverse Gaming has developed into one of the most prominent applications of blockchain technology. Play-to-earn (P2E) games such as The Sandbox are considered the biggest winners of this development. They allow players to have fun while playing and earn money at the same time. An interesting competitor for The Sandbox is currently in the starting blocks: Battle Infinity – a fantasy sports game, which provides access to blockchain technology and the Metaverse. The associated IBAT Metaverse Coin could have the potential to become even more successful than The Sandbox.

What is Battle Infinity?

Battle Infinity is a Blockchain Gaming Platform, which focuses on the fantasy sports industry. Launched in 2022 and built on the Binance Smart Chain, the Metaverse platform combines the Metaverse, Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) and blockchain technology.

For the launch, six complementary products are planned, which have been developed to create a to form a complete metaverse ecosystem:

  • IBAT Battle Market: All assets in the Battle Infinity Metaverse are tokenized according to the ERC-721 standard and minted as NFTs.
  • IBAT Battle Games: A store that allows access to numerous play-to-earn games.
  • IBAT Premier League: An NFT fantasy sports game where you can build teams to compete against other players and get rewards in the form of IBAT tokens.
  • IBAT Battle Swap: A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which makes it possible to buy, sell or convert IBAT tokens or other cryptocurrencies.
  • IBAT Battle Arena: A virtual world where players can use their NFT avatars.
  • IBAT Battle Stake: A staking platform within the Metaverse where players can battle each other to get higher APYs.

The Battle Infinity Metaverse is powered by the Metaverse Coin ”IBAT” propelled. Just like The Sandbox is based on the SAND Token, IBAT is the centerpiece of Battle Infinity. Currently, the IBAT token can be purchased in advance before listing on several exchanges.

Could Battle Infinity be the better Metaverse Coin?

Since Battle Infinity plans to create a fully decentralized metaverse based on NFT, one could compare the fantasy sports game with Metaverse projects like The Sandbox.

However, one could ask the question whether the newly introduced blockchain gaming platform is ready to compete with The Sandbox. The following reasons suggest that Battle Infinity could compete with The Sandbox:

Reason 1: Integrated Exchange Tokens can be traded directly on the website

Battle Infinity consists of several products, which together should enable an immersive experience. One of these products is the Battle Infinity Battle Swap.

This is a fully decentralized exchange (DEX) on which IBAT tokens can be purchased and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. This not only creates earning opportunities within your own metaverse, but also a direct connection to other blockchains.

This is because Battle Infinity creates a transparent and robust economy in which participants can trade freely. Since the IBAT token is the primary trading center, this DEX also ensures that the IBAT liquidity is sufficient at all times.

Reason 2: Play-to-Earn Games – Players can Earn Money playing Games

Battle Infinity includes earning opportunities and play-to-earn elements in its metaverse and allows participants to earn real money with various activities. Because in play-to-earn games, players can potentially receive valuable in-game assets. This can be anything – from skins or cards to IBAT tokens. Players can sell these assets at any time on their own terms for cryptocurrency or real money, thanks to the previously mentioned DEX.

Reason 3: Low costs – Thanks to Binance Smart Chain

IBAT is a utility token that runs on the Binance smart chain network based on the BEP-20 protocol. The Binance smart chain has several decisive advantages over other blockchains as a “Metaverse blockchain”. A major problem of The Sandbox, which uses the Ethereum blockchain, is the scalability problem. With larger amounts of data, using the Ethereum blockchain becomes expensive and slow. To solve this problem, Battle Infinity uses the Binance Smart Chain Network to mine NFTS. This makes Battle Infinity more scalable and therefore cheaper.

Reason 4: VR Integration – Immersive Experiences

One of the biggest attractions of the Metaverse is the immersive experience thanks to virtual reality integration. In the Battle Infinity Battle Arena, players have their own unique avatar, which they can customize and improve.

This includes everything from clothes to hair. Each player has a unique content ID and assets, and avatar is minted on ERC721 Smart Contract as an NFT. Players can use VR headsets to explore the metaverse world of Battle Infinity. Virtual reality enables immersive experiences and makes it possible to meet and chat with other players.

Reason 5: Well Thought-out Token Economy

Another potential advantage of Battle Infinity over The Sandbox is the token economy and the potential addressable market. According to Allied Market Research, the fantasy sports industry alone could be worth $49 billion in 2027. In comparison, the SAND token has a market capitalization of $ 1.5 billion – a market capitalization that is also being sought by the team behind Battle Infinity.

In this context, the transparent tokenomics of Battle Infinity also supports the possible success of the project. The total amount of IBAT tokens amounts to 10 billion, of which 28 percent are reserved for the current presale. A large part is reserved for the expansion, research and development of the ecosystem. Compared to other projects, the team owns only a small share of just under 10 percent.

Conclusion: The future of Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity could have the potential to excite investors and players alike. The platform is entering a rapidly growing field and aims to lead it.

Interested investors can currently receive IBAT at a reduced price by participating in the presale. The pre-sale price of Battle Infinity is $ 0.0015. IBAT tokens worth almost 8,000 BNB have already been purchased. The presale has a fixed hard cap of 16,500 BNB.

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