Crooked Cops NFTs Are Trying To Make A Quick Buck Off Police Brutality Fears

By August 5, 2022NFT
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A new NFT line called Crooked Cops is cashing in on growing fears of police corruption and brutality, selling over 5,000 "unique collectables" that are minted on Ethereum. It's already faced backlash for its lack of sensitivity on the subject, with it allowing you to customise the NFTs by "weapon" and "special equipment".

The Twitter page claims that Crooked Cops NFT is a "cause" against police brutality, sharing news articles, laws, video footage of abusive police, and more, but it uses this platform to promote and market its website that sells NFTs. What's more, not only do they make light of police brutality by turning "crooked cops" into create-your-own-NFT-avatars, but they're tiered like video game loot. There's grey common, blue rare, purple epic, golden legendary, and green mythic.

The descriptions aren't much better: "Each item on your Crooked Cop tells a story. Perhaps yours likes introducing helpless old ladies to his tazer gun, or maybe he's just looking for an excuse to test the stopping power of his new shotgun. What's your Crooked Cop's story? Which traits make him or her special? Mint now."

There are descriptions for each item when customising your avatar, too, which are also incredibly insensitive. The handgun description reads, "It gets the job done. If not, continue relentlessly shooting in their back." Tazer gun likewise turns police brutality into a punchline, "It's always more fun shooting at a convulsing target."

Similarly, special equipment makes jabs at things like conveniently malfunctioning body cams, all while spouting that you can make your NFT avatar any gender or skin colour because Crooked Cops aren't "racist pigs".

While 50 percent of the proceeds are going to charities "based on community feedback", Crooked Cops is also using this money to fund a "unique rogue-like dungeon crawler" featuring the Crooked Cops avatars, doubling down on the lighthearted tone of a very serious topic.

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