Crypto Games are less affected by the market shifts

By August 8, 2022The Sandbox
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Despite 2022 becoming an unbearable year for the Crypto/NFT space, the gaming sector has experienced a remarkable growth over the past 12 months, despite this! As many people who are in the crypto industry know, decentralised finance has been under fire since the new year. With the vast majority of illegal projects being promoted in the industry, many crypto gaming titles have been pushed under the rug. Cryptos have surprisingly gained more transactions than Bitcoins,moremoremore.

The gaming industry has had the same success in the past twelve months despite 2022 being a shaky year for the Crypto/NFT space.

As many of those who are in the crypto world know, decentralised finances have been under fire since the new year.

There are many crypto-game titles that are being promoted in the industry and are buried in the background.

Crypto gaming has surprisingly gained more transaction history than crypto finance, with over 150 million transactions, with just eight million in finance.

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Exposure to new protocols.

One thing that can be recognised by recent rise in the gaming industry is greater exposure to different protocols.

The main protocols to deliver traffic are Solana (SOL), WAX, Hive, BNB (Binance) to name a few.

Having huge profit in these networks with million dollar capages, it is not surprising they’ve taken the gaming industry by storm.

What causes the IPO trends?

While the world aspired upwards, a few interesting cases have come out of the space.

The Axie Infinity (AXIE), one of the biggest titles since the boom, saw an immense loss of players with 40 percent lost in players.

The accident involving the Bridge Ronin caused a lot of uncertainty with the DXs dominance over the market.

In the wake of that, some of the titles gained over from the reign of the future coming from existing blockchains.

The Wax blockchain has proved the most popular blockchain for crypto games.

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Splinterlands, Aliens World and Farmers World are currently the 3rd best in the market. Alien Worlds is currently ranked as the most popular user in volume by 150k.

DappRaddar found that the active wallets for these games had risen by nine7% since the previous quarter.

The daily number of these titles is 6, respectively. This shows clearly how popular this industry is.

On the way, the street arose on the road the market crashed.

To put the story closer to zero, Q1 and Q2 was the victims of the most hostile crypto headlines.

The Stablecoin LUNA won enormously a prize in the market correction because its untimely crash caused a fright of 3 billion USD to lose value.

As long as the value of the games tokens fell obnoxious to this it has not stopped the retail sector and even now institutional investors have their say in the crypto games.

A virtual open game like The Sandbox gave big companies a chance to enter the metaverse.

If a key is invented, then then a small invention becomes viable.

The two factors allowed that to happen. Firstly, the money resources they can bring forward to the developers of crypto games. Secondly, the audience of collaborative brands then follow suit. The new sports industry was introduced to a new generation of fans.

As 2022 progresses, more updates and new titles will come. The future of crypto gaming looks great.

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