Realizing The Multi-chain Vision: Project Leaders Discuss Ways To Advance Polkadot

By September 1, 2022Polkadot
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On 30 August 2022 at 3 PM CET, SubWallet collaborated with DFG to host a Twitter Space called Polkadot Deep Dive Talk following the launch of the Polkadot Deep Dive Report, with the participation of key leaders from Parity Technologies, Jsquare, Moonbeam Network, Astar Network, RMRK and Bifrost Finance. In about an hour, seven speakers and two hosts dived deep into how projects can boost development activities and attract users in the coming months.

Development Activity Booster

Polkadot's development activities were among the highest in the Web3 world. Santiago Balaguer, Business Development Lead at Parity Technologies, claimed that the consistently high development activities shown in the report proved that Polkadot's builders were seriously working in the long run. Maarten Henskens and Francisco Agosti, both Head of Ecosystem Development at Astar Network and Moonbeam Network respectively, agreed on this sentiment.

As smart contract platforms on Polkadot, both networks were focused on promoting serious development and real value by developing toolsets that made it easier for developers to build on their platforms. On the one hand, Astar Network recently introduced Swanky Suite, a Hardhat version of Polkadot and an all-in-one tool for WASM smart contract developers. On the other hand, Moonbeam Network is pushing cross-chain connected contracts to attract EVM builders by allowing them to use Solidity to tap into Substrate native functions like XCM, staking, democracy and governance.


Development Activity Comparison from Polkadot Deep Dive Report H1 2022 by SubWallet

In a combined effort, Parity Technologies have been delegating extensive resources for Substrate Builders Program and Sub0 to provide assistance to development teams. Co-host James Wo, Founder and CEO of DFG, believed that more education adoption was necessary to tackle the challenge of learning Substrate from the beginning for developers hoping to jump into Polkadot, while Ryan Dinh, SubWallet Business Development Manager, posited that a lack of API standard across the whole ecosystem would be a pressing problem to solve if we were to advance interoperability.

User Base Expansion Tactics

The next question was how to boost the user base. Both Francisco and Maarten conceded that UX and UI needed to improve drastically for Polkadot to expand to the mass. A good example was the exceptional enhancement of the wallet experience from Polkadot.{js} to SubWallet, as demonstrated by Ryan Dinh. Besides, user-friendly DApps like MoonFit were the key force to drive users in, yet more innovations were crucial. Joanna Liang, Co-founder and CEO of Jsquare, argued that doubling down on infrastructure, especially in the NFT segment, would be promising for mass adoption.

And that's what Bifrost and RMRK plan to do in the next stage. Head of Product at Bifrost Finance Tyrone Pan revealed that the team would focus on harnessing the basic infrastructure of DeFi products while expanding into an NFT pallet compatible with liquid staking. Likewise, RMRK's CTO Yuri Petusko dropped some alphas on restructuring Singular to be multi-chain and more interoperable, with an option for EVM compatibility.

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August 30th 2022

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In the end, the panels agreed that increasing Polkadot's representation in communities other than English, Chinese and Portuguese-speaking ones was important. US investors, according to Joanna, were under the false impression that the Polkadot ecosystem was dominated by Chinese users. More communication about Polkadot targeting end-users, developers and investors was undeniably a must. Southeast Asia and Latin America would be among the hot spots in the near future as well as Africa, a region unfortunately overlooked by the speakers.

Moving Forward

Though began 15 minutes late due to technical issues, the Polkadot Deep Dive Talk co-organized by SubWallet and DFG was a huge success with an impressive turnout: 277 people tuned in to listen live whereas more than 400 people have played the recording at the time of writing. The Twitter Space has ended but the conversation sustains long into the future. Any constructive arguments and debates are wholeheartedly welcomed for a better Polkadot.

The next session is planned to air in October after the launch of Polkadot Deep Dive Report Q3 2022. We will continue to invite key leaders to discuss and debate in more detail on how to advance the Polkadot ecosystem. Follow our Twitter and stay tuned!

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