Polkadot Might Make an Exit if Dogecoin Price Enters Top 10

By September 17, 2022Polkadot
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Although, the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) has recently increased significantly without much fanfare, the aim still stands out. Hence, this might very well affect the price of Polkadot(DOT)
Polkadot Might Make an Exit if Dogecoin's Price Enters Top 10
Polkadot Might Make an Exit if Dogecoin’s Price Enters Top 10

Following the exponential increase in the price of Dogecoin, Polkadot(DOT) price encountered a significant rejection when it approached $10.

Therefore, the present downward trend may have an effect on the values of DOGE and DOT. This may further determine their position among the top 10 cryptos.

Analysis of Dogecoin’s (DOGE) Price

Given that the asset is anticipated to see a significant price change in the ensuing 24 to 48 hours, the DOGE price is now showing signs of bullishness.

Price is getting close to the peak of the consolidation where a breakout might cause it to leave the accumulation and try to subtract a zero from its worth.

The DOGE price, as previously noted, is moving inside an ascending triangle with steadily rising highs and lows that are heading toward the triangle’s apex.

Following the most recent rejection, the price fell to the lower support level. It is anticipated to rise once again into the resistance area between $0.074 and $0.076.

To establish a firm bullish trajectory moving forward, the DOGE price must test and exit this area.

Analysis of Polkadot (DOT) prices

Contrarily, the asset is predicted to continue moving up despite a decrease in the price of the polkadot, which is sustaining its positive swing.

The asset had rejected the lower support from late July through early August. Also, from the start of August, the DOT price has remained poised to reach the $10 goal as soon as possible.

Despite a breakdown, the DOT price managed to recoup momentum and rose to levels around $10 while trading inside an ascending parallel channel.

Sadly, there were a few rejections at $9.31. Thus, it is now imperative for the asset to overcome this resistance.

The likelihood of reaching a 2-digit number may increase if the DOT price stabilizes above $9.5.

A little error might force Polkadot out of the top 10 while Dogecoin is struggling to get into the top 10.

DOT has a market valuation of $9.5 billion and DOGE is valued at roughly $9 billion. The next step up might determine which cryptocurrency ranks in the top 10 in the coming days.

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