FTX TOKEN, BIG EYES, THE SANDBOX: An Overview Of Crypto Assets That Can Increase Your Wealth

By September 21, 2022The Sandbox
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With the right information, control over greed, and implementation of necessary risk mitigation techniques, the crypto market may be your best shot at increasing your wealth. The market has produced plenty of millionaires, and yours shouldn’t be an exception. It takes the right entry into a good project with the prospect of a huge price surge to achieve this. We look into potential crypto assets to give you this pleasant experience in the crypto market below.

FTX Token (FTT)

FTX token (FTT) is the native utility token of the FTX platform, a crypto-related trading network designed and backed by top professionals in the crypto industry to provide various services, including product listing, maintenance margin, liquidation processing, and collateral pool provision.

The heavily backed centralized crypto exchange boasts over a billion dollars in daily transaction volume and a registered member count that exceeds one million. The platform prides itself as a centralized collateral pool and global stablecoin-settled platform that requires only one universal margin wallet. FTX prevents possible clawback by leveraging a three-tier liquidation model.

The FTX token (FTT) has numerous uses on the platform that mostly benefit users and community members. Users can leverage the token for discounts, Blockchain fee waivers, securing futures positions, paying listing fees on the platform, etc. Staking FTT also provides you the opportunities to win NFTs, airdrop participation, bonus votes, and special event tickets.

FTX (FTT) has over $3.7 billion in market capitalization, making it one of the top 24 cryptocurrencies on the coin market. It peaked at an all-time high of $85 .02 during the last bull market. Analysts are positive that it could repeat the same feat.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual space with GameFi, and NFT use cases. The blockchain-based gaming protocol allows you to build and trade gaming applications with other users on the platform. The Sandbox has been successful in its continuous stride in integrating Blockchain technology into mainstream gaming. The Sandbox is a P2E (play-to-earn) network and allows users to double as players and creators.

SAND is the utility token in the virtual space, and it facilitates every transaction and activity on the network.. Users can earn SAND as a reward for playing games or by trading developed games and NFT avatars. You can also become a LAND owner on The Sandbox metaverse, where you get exclusive access to beneficial content, host events, build your experiences, and monetize the metaverse.

SAND is currently included on 2.2+ million watchlists as many crypto enthusiasts are bullish about the crypto asset. It boasts about $1.4 billion market value and an all-time high of $8.44. The Sandbox sells below a dollar, but analysts have tipped it for an impressive upward rally when the bull market returns. This could see the crypto asset hit the $10 mark. An early entry will make that a profitable run and would boost your wealth massively.

Big Eyes (BIG)

Meme coins have a great track record of experiencing huge price increases, even without a well-defined utility. Big eyes being a meme coin with DeFi-related utility gives it a higher chance of being another meme coin that will experience a high surge in price and increase your wealth. The crypto asset aims to provide users with the benefits DeFi offers while also protecting society through charity channeled to protecting a part of our ecosystem.

Big eyes will feature Big eyes swap, which will allow seamless token exchange, and resources that will promote DeFi knowledge and adoption. It also has sets of valuable non-fungible tokens users can leverage to explore beneficial resources in its blockchain-based ecosystem. The platform passed through necessary audits and security checks, making it safe and secure for users.

Big eyes care about community development and growth. Thus, besides the marketing efforts and utility, community strength is another factor it hopes to leverage for success. The developers will ensure community members’ activities through various incentives and rewards in the form of tokens and NFTs giveaways.

Big eyes could be the respite for crypto enthusiasts that missed out on Dogecoin and Shiba Inu pumps. The only way to avoid a repeat of such a miss is to join the presale early. Check the links below for more information:



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