Deepak Chopra & Seva.Love Announce “ChopraVerse: House of Enlightenment,” the Metaverse for Wellbeing in Collaboration with Utopia

By September 22, 2022Metaverse
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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Deepak Chopra and SEVA.LOVE, a first-of-its-kind platform that is empowering a culture of wellbeing in the metaverse, today announced "ChopraVerse," the metaverse for wellbeing in collaboration with Utopia. Utopia is a Web3 ecosystem brought together by Alejandro Saez, Maria Bravo, Eva Longoria, and Javier Garcia. The ChopraVerse initiative is part of Seva.Love's ongoing mission to create a more conscious Web3 community for a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world. The House of Enlightenment, designed by Vera Iconica Architecture, is Deepak Chopra's personal home in the metaverse that was initially designed for the physical world incorporating eastern wisdom design principles and the latest in wellness architecture.

Picture: Living Room - Deepak Chopra House of Enlightenment © Vera Iconica Architecture, Inc.
Picture: Living Room - Deepak Chopra House of Enlightenment © Vera Iconica Architecture, Inc.

The Metaverse today is mostly about gaming. The ChopraVerse is about creating a world which enhances our wellbeing. A world that will be photorealistic and inhabited by human avatars and AI beings. A world where no one will feel alone – one that offers infinite experiences and possibilities. As part of the initial launch, The ChopraVerse will make the "Deepak Chopra - House of Enlightenment" available for everyone to experience in the metaverse and also enable downloadable blueprints for build in the physical world via NFTs.

"ChopraVerse is creating homes for multidimensional living, nourishing the body, mind, spirit and environment as a unified experience in awareness. It will give everyone an opportunity to generate their own abode for the return to wholeness and healing," says Deepak Chopra, world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, NY Times best selling author and co-founder of Seva.Love.

Utopia, which recently acquired Virtual Voyagers, has carried out more than 230 projects related to the metaverse for major brands such as META and Vodafone, winning more than 20 awards for innovation and creativity. "The opportunity Web3 technology currently presents to creators, developers and businesses is exciting on many levels. Utopia is born from the dream, duty, and vision of achieving a connection between the tangible and virtual world - in which we will live in an ethical, inclusive, and responsible way," says Nino Saez, co-founder and CEO of Utopia.

"The ChopraVerse will transform how we interact and experience wellbeing in the digital and physical world. Our collaboration with Utopia will enable us to experience interoperable metaverse experiences in real-time, 3D virtual worlds that can be experienced synchronously, maintain presence and have a collaborative experience," says , co-founder and CEO of SEVA.LOVE. "While the NFT world is incredible, it is still evolving, and we saw a gap in the market to build a wellbeing community and make real social impact via the metaverse."

"The Utopia and ChopraVerse collaboration will enable an ecosystem in the digital world for impactful collaborations within the metaverse, where we aim to bring global action to educate the world, connecting philanthropists, embracing brands and businesses using the power of the blockchain to raise awareness on building a more ethical and transparent world, a community of philanthropreneur's, spreading kindness fast to where it's needed," says , co-founder Utopia and Global Gift Foundation.

The ChopraVerse roadmap has planned NFT drops which will serve as access tokens to the ChopraVerse in Utopia. Additionally, there will also be a limited number of NFTs that will integrate blueprints and wellbeing design principles, by licensure through the Architect, Vera Iconica Architecture, that can be leveraged to build homes in the physical world. "The House of Enlightenment was designed both to be built in the physical world and to be experienced by many in the digital world as a home that optimizes health and wellbeing in harmony with nature. It is an education and awareness tool that anyone can go into to learn meditation or how your surroundings are impacting your health and behavior and what you can do to elevate your state of being," says , CEO & Founding Principal, Vera Iconica Architecture.

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Seva.Love is championing wellbeing and social impact in Web3 by curating leading artists, influencers, wellbeing experts and creating conscious communities. Seva.Love has exclusive access to Deepak Chopra web3 content and the ChopraVerse will enable transmedia storytelling and engage communities in the metaverse and IRL. Access to the Seva ecosystem will be via NFTs and the Seva token. For more information please visit and follow us at twitter: @sevaislove instagram: @sevaislove discord:

Utopia Group is a Web3 ecosystem brought together by four founders, , , , and - with the mission of disrupting how businesses operate and innovate using the power of blockchain technology.

Founded in 2010 in by native and Wellness Architecture pioneer, , Vera Iconica specializes in Architecture, Interior Design, and Real Estate Development and is known globally for its Wellness Kitchen. Based in the Mountain West with offices in and , Vera Iconica's highly flexible, international team of experts merges cultural, spiritual, and qualitative elements with hard science to create highly customized solutions that elevate healthy, conscious living. For more information please visit and follow at instagram: @veraiconicaarchitecture


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