Metaverse Fans Look to Reality as The Sandbox Investors Go Big on BudBlockz

By September 22, 2022The Sandbox
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10 years ago, no one could have foreseen how blockchain technology has revolutionized conventional operations, procedures, and systems. In addition, the year 2022 sparked a great deal of debate over the Metaverse, giving attention to the sandbox metaverse and other similar endeavours. In 2011, Sebastien Borget and Arthur Madrid, the founders of Sandbox, launched the company intending to profit from the video gaming business. At a period when blockchain and cryptocurrencies were not as prominent, they sensed a crucial chance to introduce blockchain to the gaming industry.

However, those investors who put their faith in Sandbox are going all-in on BudBlockz. During the private sale of BudBlockz, many Sandbox investors exchanged their tokens for BLUNT tokens. BudBlockz’s pre-launch excitement is a result of its practical-yet-ambitious strategy and careful alignment with the rapidly expanding retail cannabis business.

With an outstanding success, the private sale of BLUNT officially concluded on the 12th of September after the whole allotment sold out early, and its presale will reward early investors with an instant 40% increase in the value of their shares. The subsequent presale began on the 12th of September with a starting price of $0.021, a 40% increase over the token’s private sale price. BudBlockz decided to start the presale early to satisfy the public’s demand for the highly sought-after coin. BudBlockz’s early launch may indicate a rising sentiment among investors that its value proposition is more robust.

Budblockz is actively investigating the prospect of operating virtual dispensaries in the Metaverse as part of its long-term strategy. As the popularity of recreational cannabis retail continues to skyrocket, its customer base has expanded beyond seasoned marijuana consumers. Virtual settings are ideal for occasional or first-time cannabis users since they may be accessed entirely on the user’s terms.

Moving forward, BudBlock intends to revolutionize the cannabis market by using the potential of decentralized solutions like crypto, NFTs, and blockchain. To accomplish this objective, the BudBlockz ecosystem relies on BLUNT, a potent utility coin. What BLUNT will provide to the cannabis market is the ability for cannabis lovers to conduct trades and negotiations in a secure, legal, and confidential digital environment. BudBlockz is an essential token to keep an eye on, according to a few industry experts, since it can alter the rapidly expanding cannabis business.

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To purchase your $BLUNT tokens

Step 1: Visit the official BudBlockz website

Step 2: Click the “sign up” button at the top of the page

Step 3: Create a Budblockz account. Ensure you use a valid email address.

Step 4: From your client dashboard, click the “buy $BLUNT” button

Step 5: set the amount you want to purchase and the currency you want to order in

Step 6: Make the payment to the provided wallet address

Step 7: Receive your tokens!

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